Top 20 Best Selling Rock Tumblers Science Toys (2021)

Transforms semi-precious rocks into gorgeously lustrous gemstones. Recommended for ages 12 and up. Per-minute revolutions: 50-80. Four grit cycles for immaculate polishing. Includes: rock, tumbler, polish, gems, jewelry settings. Start with agate, jasper, ... more info

This 3 lb. kit is ideal for rock polishing and contains 1/2 lb. of pre-polish, 1/2 lb. of polish, 1 lb. of coarse and 1 lb. of fine abrasive. ... more info

Besides tumbler, kit contains polishing rock, 4 grades of polishing abrasives, and jewelry findings. ... more info

4 Rock Polishing Grit Packs For Tumblers. This is a new set of polishing grits. There are four different grits giving you everything you need to tumble stones. You receive: One 4 Ounce Pack of Coarse Grit. One 4 Ounce Pack of Fine Grit. One 2 Ounce Pack o ... more info

Transforms rough stones into beautiful, semiprecious gems; Includes: Tumbling machine, rough semiprecious stones, grit, polish, jewelry settings, and instruction manual. Refill Kit includes semiprecious stones, grit, polish, and jewelry settings. ... more info

Rock Tumbling is a hobby that your whole family can enjoy! Tumbling is a simple way to polish agates and other gem stones. If you are truly interested in producing flawless gems through the tumbling process, this Model B Rock Tumbler is ideal. Heavy Duty, ... more info

Create shiny tumbled trinkets with this Rock Tumbler by Smithsonian! Includes: 1 U.L. Listed Electric Tumbler, 1 Barrel, 2 Motor Friction Rings, 2 Axle-Wear Plates, 1 Rubber O Ring Gasket, 1 Bag Rough Semi-Precious Stones (8 oz), 1 Bag Coarse Grit (0.63 o ... more info

Rock Tumbler Includes: 8 Oz. Gemstone Rock, (2) Step 1 Coarse Grinding Powder, (2) Step 2 Fine Grinding Powder, (2) Step 3 Polishing Powder. Jewellery Making Includes: 18 Silver Tone Necklace Chain, (4) Adjustable Rings, (3) Key Chains, (3) Key Chains, (1 ... more info

This package of COARSE GRIT is designed for use with Thumler's Rock Tumblers. / (THUY0100) (THUY0102) (THUY0115) / / INCLUDES: One Box of Grit (Coarse) / / SPECS: Weight: 16 ounces (1 Pound) / / FEATURES: Coarse Grit is used during the cleaning process (s ... more info

Lortone Model 33B Rotary Tumbler Great For Tumbling Rocks This is a new Lortone model 33B rotary tumbler It runs on 115V, 60Hz This model 33B Lortone rotary tumbler is quite simple to operate and gives excellent finish to your stones The twin 3 lb ... more info

The Lortone Abrasive Tumbling Kit includes a complete 4-step set of pre-measured abrasives and polishes to finish up to 14 pounds of beautiful stones. This kit has coarse and fine silicon carbide abrasives, a pre-polish compound and the finish polish. Com ... more info

THT 102 Polish your found gems to absolute perfection with this high grade professional tumbler. Includes 3lb. capacity tumbler, one rubber barrel, kit contains Model A-R1 tumbler which has larger motor than Model T, set of 4 grades of polishing abrasives ... more info

Versatile two-barrel, 6 lb. capacity tumbler. Uses two 3lb. capacity, long-life, molded rubber barrels. Ideal for small batches of single-type stones for jewelry making or for brass polishing. Heavy continuous duty, fan-cooled motor. Overload protected. ... more info

Clear Ware tumblers are strong durable and stylish! Fluted design adds subtle elegance and sophistication and creates the look of crystal cut glass without the cost! Extreme clarity and sophistication in a plastic tumbler, it's got to be EMI-YOSHI! EMI Y ... more info

Ceramic media is more expensive than plastic pellets, but it does have its advantages! The same ceramic media can be cleaned and reused in all grit sizes, and in polishes, where when using plastic pellets you have to have separate pellets for each grit ... more info

You will receive 1 pound coarse, 1 pound medium, 1 pound fine in the silicon carbide grit and 1/2 pound tumble polish, plus instructions. ... more info

The Raytech Stone Finishing Kit is a complete, pre-measured set of finishing compounds designed for both vibrating and rotating rock tumblers. This economical 4-step finishing system includes two grits of silicon carbide, Iolox 50 pre-polish, and Raybrite ... more info

With the Rock Tumbler Gemstone Jewelery Maker you can change rough rocks into jewelry! This two-piece kit includes the tools necessary to change rough gemstones into fashionable jewelry for your friends and loved ones. It can also serve as a child's educa ... more info

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