Top 20 Best Selling Robot Kits Figure Kits Toys (2021)

Gundam 1:100 Astray Red Frame Plastic Snap-Together Kit This is a Gundam 1:100 Astray Red Frame plastic snap-together kit. The Astray Red Frame features many articulating parts, allowing you to pose it in many different positions. Gundam Astray Red Frame' ... more info

鈥ind powered 鈥an walk on the wind by hand or by blowing against the propeller 鈥t is a miniature version of Theo Jansen's remarkable creation 鈥t will make a turn if there is water and keep still for strong wind 鈥ave fun while you built it 鈥 great gif ... more info

This is a Bandai 1/144 scale assembly model kit of the MS-06S Zaku II Char Verion from the original Japanese animation television series GUNDAM. This kit does not required glue for assembly but does required painting for best finished results. This model ... more info

Gundam 1:100 Endless Waltz: Gundam Heavyarms Custom Plastic Model KitThis is a Gundam 1:100 Endless Waltz: Gundam Heavyarms Custom Plastic Model Kit. This high-grade model kit of Gundam Heavyarms (H-Arms) is the new version of him as he appears in the Gun ... more info

HG-grade kit of the new version of the Gundam Sandrock as it appears in the Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz OVA series. As usual, it features snap-assembly, is fully posable and is molded in color. Features two huge, curved scimitar-like weapons and a fabric c ... more info

Here's an excellent snap-fit assembly kit of Lockon Stratos' personal Mobile Suit, Gundam Dynames! Molded in color, it will be articulated with plenty of polycap joints upon completion and will feature foldable GN shields to the front for front guard mode ... more info

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