Top 20 Best Selling Rigs & Jigs Bait Rigs (2020)

Nylon rig with stainless steel extension arms that allow minnow to swim naturally without touching the line. Bottom snap designed for easy sinker attachment. Complete with beads and two gold Aberdeen snelled hooks. Packaged two rigs per individual display ... more info

A new fishing rig that catches fish.It is used friendly Nylon coated stainless steel (70 cm) Double drop arms (7cm) Stainless steel arms keep the hooks away from leader All are 70 lbs or 35 kg test Complete with snap, swivels and beads Ideal fo ... more info

Extra strength stainless steel split rings. Available in all-one-size packages and assorted packages. ... more info

The walleye rig making kit includes everything you need to make your own crawler and minnow harnesses just add your favorite leader material and hooks. Kit with components allowing anglers to customize or make their own walleye rigs. Each walleye rig maki ... more info

This 25 foot crab line has a weighted stainless steel bait wire. ... more info

Sea Striker SS68HA-12 Pro Sabiki Rig PRO SABIKI RIG - HAGE-AURORA MACKEREL BLUE RUNNER RIGS. Made with real fish skin, super sharp high carbon hooks, green bead and feather. SZ 12 (SZ 2 US) Packed 12 ... more info

These Umbrella Rigs are Professioinal made with quality material and have been tested at the Lake of the Ozarks. They are designed to last over 1,000 throws. You will lose it snagged to a tree limb way before it wares out! The Leading wires are of ... more info

Sea Striker CSR36-1PK Cobia/Shark It is designed for heavy duty bottom fishing, especially Cobia or Shark. Made with 3’of 90 lb. Black coated wire, 6 Ounces egg lead, a 2/0 swivel and 2/0 Coastlock snap swivel. 36”- 90 # Test - 6 Ounces Egg Sinker ... more info

ALL CANADA RIGGING KIT - Made in USA The perfect Rigging kit for vacationers, fly-in trips and campers in Canada and the Boundary Waters. Bottom Bouncers with spinner live bait combinations are far and away the most productive rigging method in Canada and ... more info

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