Top 20 Best Selling Rice Dishes Packaged Meals & Side Dishes (2021)

Whether it’s a quick weeknight meal or a gourmet feast, Knorr Sides enhance your meals with amazing flavor. ... more info

Soy, sesame and chicken make this quick and easy “weekday” meal a flavorful favorite. ... more info

A family classic! Our Rice-A-Roni Chicken flavor blends rice and vermicelli with chicken broth, onions, parsley, garlic and other natural flavors to create a delicious side dish that will delight your whole family. It's the perfect complement to your favo ... more info

Near East uses only 100% natural ingredients, packaged in a white box that's symbol of their dedication to simple, high-quality food ... more info

Uncle Ben's Whole Grain Brown & Wild Rice, 8.5 Oz ... more info

Microwave in the pouch! 90 Seconds. Supports a healthy heart. Natural source of fiber. Naturally cholesterol free. Uncle Ben's Ready Rice Whole Grain Brown makes it easy to support healthy heart and helps to maintain a well-balanced diet. Other nutritiona ... more info

Our Rice-A-Roni Long Grain & Wild Rice blends tender long grain and wild rice with herbs to create a hearty side dish that's perfect when served with your family's favorite chicken, pork and beef recipes. ... more info

Calasparra Rice DOP is grown in one region only in Spain, known for it's unique properties when cooked, which are said to be the absolute best for Paella. Cooperatively produced in Murcia along the Mundo and Segura River valleys, Calasparra is a premium g ... more info

All natural Asian cuisine.Microwaveable. Made with CJ rice. 100% Natural. No MSG. No preservatives. Great alone or add meat and vegetables. There's nothing like enjoying a bowl of fresh steamed rice from your favorite Asian restaurant. Now you can have th ... more info

A comforting classic! Our Rice-A-Roni Herb & Butter blends tender long grain rice and pasta with herbs, butter, seasonings and other natural flavors to create a hearty side dish that is the perfect complement to your family's favorite chicken, pork and be ... more info

A creamy rice entree in the Italian tradition. Low fat. Lundberg Family Farms is proud to present Creamy Parmesan Risotto. Hailed the pasta of Northern Italy, risotto is a deliciously creamy rice dish resulting from the unique cooking properties of Arbori ... more info

Save on Seeds Of Change 12X 8.5 Oz Uyuni Quinoa & Rice What Do You Think Of When You Think Of The Andes? Treacherous, Wind-Swept Peaks? At 13,000 Feet, It Can Be Gusty On The Uyuni Salt Flats. But For The People Of The Bolivian Altiplano, The Tradition Of ... more info

Lipton has joined Knorr, the flavor experts, to bring you a range of new and exciting food ideas. All of the Lipton Side Dishes now carry the Knorr name and will continue to have the same great taste and quality that you know and love. ... more info

Nishiki Cooked White Rice is in a microwablbe plasic bowl for a delicisios steamed rice. ... more info

Enjoy a variety of go picnic's awesome ready-to-eat meals, perfect for lunches, combined into one convenient variety pack. Six delicious, nutritionally balanced ready-to-eat meals in handy picnic boxes. Just grab a drink, spread out your go picnic, and le ... more info

Whether it's a busy weeknight or a special occasion, rice pilafs are a perfect complement to any meal. Pilaf is typically a blend of rice, spices and orzo pasta. Pilafs can also have ingredients added such as other grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables, meat ... more info

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