Top 20 Best Selling Rib Pads Lacrosse Footwear (2020)

Uprising II collection: The perfect fit, performance and protection for entry-level players. Features Shoulder pads, Arm Pads and Rib Pads. ... more info

High-end protective gear at an unbelievable price. ... more info

The STX Rival Rib Pad wraps around the rib cage for anatomically contoured coverage for the rib and spine areas. ... more info

The Gait Intrepid Box Kidney Pad offers you supreme protection that will not slow you down. The pad features raised rib protection that will better protect you from harm, while not adding to the overall weight. This helps you stay mobile without risking t ... more info

Entrry level protective series provides flexibility and protection for new and developing players ... more info

FitLite sides and back/Maximum protection and improved range of motion ... more info

All new midline series that redefines both speed and protection. ... more info

Flex zone construction/Non constrictive freedom of movement, ... more info

The STX Agent Rib Pad was built to completely protect your body from high-impact hacks and slashes. Your rib cage is covered by a reinforced shield and multi-layer foam to help you work through those intense games. Your hips and spine are also covered wit ... more info

Fitlite spine-improved range of motion and maximum protection FAV front construction-Comfort through maximum air circulation with added protection. Griptonite on hip padding-Rib pad doesnt ride up or swivel. Reebok play dry-wicks moisture away from the bo ... more info

Flex zone construction/Non constrictive freedom of movement, ... more info

The STX Cell X Rib Pad will protect your body while allowing you to keep your mind in the game. This rib pad features a stretch-mesh backing that will keep the pads and straps in place during gameplay, giving you a very natural feel with the pad close to ... more info

Gait Lacrosse Icon design rib pad with moisure-wicking liner material ... more info

Lacrosse Pads and Gloves Size Chart Under 5 Under 80 lbs X-Small ; 6-8 81-105 lbs Small ; 9-13 106-150 lbs Medium ; 14+ 151+ lbs Large ... more info

Maximum rib protection from high-density slatted foam pads. Vested ribpad that combines protection, comfort, and stability without constricting lung movement. Easy on, easy off VELCRO brand closures. ProFlexx equipment is made from Anti-Microbial closed c ... more info

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