Top 20 Best Selling Remote-Control Extenders Remote Controls (2021)

HI Speed chip sets works MHZConvert existing IR remote to digital RF by replacing 1 battery in a remote with the battery transmitterControl 2 same-brand components independently from anywhere in the houseWorks with most AA and AAA remotesReceiver has bui ... more info

Want to place your DVD player, DVR or other devices in a cabinet or other room and still be able to control them from in front of your TV?! This BAFX Products (TM) IR Repeater (Remote control extender) allows you to do just that! -------- Simply place the ... more info

You can control your home theater device/components which are kept behind closet doors or in a closed cabinet by this IR repeater system kit. Do you want to control the IR devices between two rooms such as adjusting the volume of the amplifier from some p ... more info

This Ir Receiver is made and sold Exclusively by Infrared Resources WORKS WITH VERIZION HD DVR QIP 7216 1,7232-P2,7100, Xfinity One box, Cisco CHS435+HDC ,CH335+HDC HD DVR, LG LST-4600A HD converter box MASSCOOL HS-MA105DC550D HDMI Switcher,Peerless HDS10 ... more info

This 2 port HDMI splitter distributes the HDMI input into corresponding synchronized outputs. Great for information distribution, conference room presentations, and school and corporate training environments.The HDMI Splitter functions both as a buffer an ... more info

The BlastIR is designed to get your remote control's signal to where it needs to go. Since remote control signals (IR) need line-of-sight to work, you will need this extender if the equipment you're trying to control is not in sight. You'll need to extend ... more info

Extend your remote's reach with this two-piece system from X10. It can transmit your remote's signals through walls, floors, and furniture. It's perfect for folks who want to conceal their A/V gear inside a cabinet or closet for a clean, stylish look. And ... more info

These small IR receivers have been designed for mounting in very small spaces. They may be mounted under shelf edges, cabinet ledges, in wall speakers, etc. - anywhere an inconspicuous appearance is desired. the high sensitivity of these receivers allows ... more info

This device allows you to easily broadcast your DVDs, CDs, MP3s, satellite/cable, PC, gaming console, streaming video and more to any TV or stereo system in your home or office. Wirelessly Send Video to TV: Now you can easily stream high quality audio an ... more info

You can control your home theater device which is stored in a separate room or cabinet, using your infrared remote control and Nextronics infrared repeater. This repeater features 25ft cable length between the repeater and emitter, more than double the s ... more info

Extend remote control ability to any room in the house! ... more info

The Sabrent HDMI Extender allows you to extend HDMI media signals over Cat5E cable up to 200 feet.Reliable HDMI transmission signal is generally limited to 15 feet. But with this extender you can boost that signal up to 200 feel (60 Meters).It uses Cat5 ... more info

Does your entertainment system have wooden doors, or would you like to mount your components in a closet? Without a clear line of sight infrared (IR) signals from a remote control will not reach the equipment. We have the answer. Our remote control repeat ... more info

Overview * Cable Matters HDMI Extender by CAT6 2x uses two CAT6 cables to extend the HDTV display up to 100 feet (30 meters) for 1080p. * It not only breaks the limitation of the HDMI cable transmission length, but also has more flexibility and convenienc ... more info

Tripp Lite's B136-101 Component Video + Stereo Audio extender kit comes with both local and remote units, allowing you to place a TV, Projector, etc, up to 700 ft. away from the source. A 1080p (60Hz) Component Video and Stereo Audio signal can be extende ... more info

Easily change channels from any room in your home!The Wireless Remote Control Extender Kit is the missing link in your home. Have you ever wished your infrared remote control could transmit through walls? Now it can. Simply place the transmitter in the r ... more info

Does your entertainment system have wooden doors or would you like to mount your components in a closet? Put all of your AV gear in a closet or in a chest, or even in another room, totally out of view and control it with your IR remote controls. Compatib ... more info

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