Top 20 Best Selling Releases & Aids Release Aids (2020)

Allen Arrow Puller. These Arrow Pullers have soft rubber molded handle that grips any shaft, eliminating blisters. Snap cup can attach the Puller to a belt loop or D ring so you always have it on you. This deal is right on target... order today! Allen Arr ... more info

The very best American Made economical release on the market. This can be a great starter release or a price friendly backup release. Limited Lifetime Guarantee ... more info

Adult, Black, Caliper Release, Traditional Straight Shaft Caliper Release, Adjustable Hook & Loop Strap Assembly, Head Rotates 360 Degrees, T-Style Pivot Reduces Wrist Torque. ... more info

Velcro closure system, less than 5 seconds and its on. Fits both right and left hand. Fits the smallest of hands, including a child's. Economical and comfortable nylon power strap. Fast and simple. ... more info

Camo nylon evolution buckle with a 1/2 web connection system. Infinite length adjustment possibilities without the use of tools and the webbing won't stretch or move. ... more info

The Tru Fire 360 Extreme is a dual caliper release that incorporate 360 degree head rotation that is in front of the trigger. This allows you to rotate your hand and the trigger will always follow your index finger. They also have a set screw located on t ... more info

Allows for easy removal of any RipTide with Autopilot. Bracket is a low-profile, High-yield composite construction. ... more info

The Hardcore has an unbelievable 4 ounce trigger (sensativity) which can be set to have zero travel. This is our quickest trigger design we have ever made! Aggressive hook design guarantees that a loop cannot slip off while drawing back. Features the Ev ... more info

Allows for easy removal of any PowerDrive or PowerDrive with Autopilot. Bracket is a low-profile, High-yield composite construction ... more info

The Samurai release is packed with features at an affordable price. The dual jaw Samurai features our signature roller sear design, a fully adjustable curved trigger and our patented NCS length adjustment system for a micro adjustable fit. ... more info

Caliper release with a molded, synthetic rubber grip. ... more info

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