Top 20 Best Selling Releases & Aids Cocking Devices (2020)

Barnett Crossbows Universal Rope Cocking Device fits all models. Reduces effort to cock by 50%. ... more info

Universal Crossbow Cocking Harness. Don't go off half cocked! Universal Cocking Harness reduces crossbow cocking effort by 50%! Of course, it provides full draw, just much easier. Fits in a standard jacket pocket. Adjusts for use with all crossbows. Compa ... more info

Excalibur's C2 crank is the perfect solution for hunters who have difficulty drawing high poundage crossbows. The C2 crank dramatically reduces the effort required to draw any current Excalibur crossbow model, as well as guaranteeing consistent string ali ... more info

The Universal cable Slide fits 3/8 cable guard rods. 100% Teflon construction eliminates friction and noise. ... more info

This effective rope/pulley design reduces the cocking effort by 50%, while providing consistent string alignment. Uncomplicated and easy to use in the field. Perfect size to fit in your pocket. ... more info

This is a new crossbow stringer used to restring a 120-180 lb crossbows that have 27-29 fiberglass limbs. This simple tool fits in your shirt pocket and allows you to replace a string in under a minute. Easy to use in the field or at home. The Stringer i ... more info

Premium Stringer for 120 - 150 lb Recurve Crossbow. Highlights: Length: 30-3/4 Instruction included This string is longer than regular string to help cocking the string easily Compatible with: 120 - 150LBS series Crossbows with limbs 26-27 long ... more info

Barnett crank cocking device. For use with Barnett's Quad 400, Qua Avi, Wildcat C5, Panzer V and Penetrator crossbows. ... more info

Our ROPE COCKING AID will allow you to comfortably load and unload any Excalibur crossbow by reducing the felt draw weight by 50% as well as guarantee perfect string alignment for optimum accuracy. Made from highest quality components. It uses comfortable ... more info

T-handle design provides solid surface for secure grip. Lightweight and portable for in-field use. Fits most Horton crossbow models (excluding Vision and reCon) ... more info

Crank cocking device for the Revolution and Predator crossbow s from Barnett. ... more info

Cocking is easier than ever with the patented ACU-52 integrated, a sleek self-retracting rope cocking system that reduces draw weight by 50% while drawing the bow accurately time after time. The lightweight and affordable cocking unit's design allows for ... more info

Mossy Oak Crossbow Cocking Tool Fits most crossbows. T-handle for a solid grip. Makes cocking crossbow easier. ... more info

Universal cocking rope. Fits most crossbow models. (Does not work on Horton's Vision and reCon models.) ... more info

Horton's EZ Crank weighs only ounces. The EZ Crank unit can be removed and stored away in seconds after cocking the crossbow. (Right hand only crank.) ... more info

Changing the string on your crossbow can sometimes be difficult and time consuming. This stringer, made of pressed polyester strings, reinforced by plastic molding, makes changing your string fast and simple. It really takes the frustration of changing y ... more info

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