Top 20 Best Selling Recorders Woodwinds (2021)

Yamaha YRS-23 Soprano Recorder with German Fingering ... more info

Carnegie Hall Soprano recorder; key of C; Baroque fingering; double holes; C-C#; D-D#; three-piece construction; with lanyard. The instrument is ideal for all music educators and hobbyists looking for a superior recorder. Proceeds of the recorder sales w ... more info

Hohner brings you high-quality wood recorders that provide brilliant tone and durability with a patented mouthpiece that makes playing a breeze! Two-piece with dark finish C-Soprano Recorder for Baroque (English) fingering. Patented mouthpiece vanes for u ... more info

The Flutophone - pitched in C, with full chromatic scale, visual finger guides, and outstanding tone quality - has been accepted as the finest instrument of its kind. Molded of durable, marble-white plastic with ruby trim, its appearance attracts the chil ... more info

Players of all levels will enjoy the precise, uniform intonation of the 20-Series recorders. The translucent recorders are the same fine quality you have come to depend on from Yamaha. Ease of play makes the 20-Series the perfect place to start. A three-p ... more info

With great intonation and balance, a Tudor Candy Apple Soprano Recrorders makes for a fine starter. This 2-Piece Soprano Recorder comes with a storage bag, fingering chart, and cleaning rod. ... more info

Two-piece with maple finish Soprano Recorder for Baroque (English) fingering in the Key of C. Patented mouthpiece vanes for uniform wind dispersal. Body-molded thumb guides. Two-piece, durable construction will make this a favorite instrument! Made in Ger ... more info

Ravel Recorders produce the mellow tones representing modern and Renaissance styles, ideal for solo or ensemble playing. Available in a stylish, solid ivory finish as well as in six translucent colors, these models make playing fun for the beginner, or fo ... more info

The advantage of a one-piece recorder is that there are no pieces to get lost, so it is an especially good choice for younger players. ... more info

Beginning method for soprano recorder with musical and technical suggestions for teacher and student. Includes lyrics, dexterity exercises, fingering diagrams, and fingering chart. For group or individual instruction. 32 pages.. ... more info

MasterCLASS Alto 3 Piece Recorder Outfit: The MasterCLASS Recorders are designed for you. Top grade resins, special manufacturing techniques and rubber O ring attachments combine to form the best Recorder you can buy. Each outfit comes with Carrying bag, ... more info

Great for beginners and students. Classical design with 3-piece construction and baroque fingering. Durable plastic construction available in 8 colors. ... more info

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