Top 20 Best Selling Reading Lights eBook Readers & Accessories (2021)

This flexible book light works well with with magazines, books and e-readers to direct light only where you need it. The clip allows you to easily affix the light to your reading material so you can enjoy the light without any added effort. ... more info

This flexible LED reading light is perfect for reading in the dark without disturbing others or to take with you while traveling. This combo comes with 4 clip on lights that comes in colors: White, Black, Pink and Purple. This set is great to share with t ... more info

The e-Luminator Touch features touch-activated power settings that allow users to control the brightness of their booklight, with low, medium, and high light intensities for tailored screen illumination. An enhanced super-bright LED lightbulb provides amp ... more info

Light works just like a bookmark, it can be either inserted between the the Kindle and the case, or wrapped around the case cover. ... more info

This SimpleLight works with only one Kindle: The Kindle Keyboard. This is what Amazon now calls the previous Kindle. Please look at the photos to ensure that you own the Kindle Keyboard. The SimpleLight for Kindle Keyboard is an elegantly designed access ... more info

Product Information:The Malibu Submersible Flood Light in Black (8301950101) is an easy doityourself project and can be installed safely in very little time. The plastic construction and waterproof seal allow the light to be completely submersed in water, ... more info

M-Edge e-Luminator Touch Booklight UN1-E3-ABS-GR Laptop & Notebook Accessories ... more info

Ultra bright video light the brightest way to light the picture without the heat. Uses 36 LED's 50 times brighter than standard bulbs ... more info

The Maxsa motion-activated outdoor night-light shines a light when and where you need it most: an entryway, a difficult step, a hallway or next to a circuit breaker. The built-in motion detector senses movement within a 10 feet radius, and flips on only w ... more info

The slim, sleek, lightweight and flexible Moleskine USB Booklight is easily transportable, easily adaptable to any base or book cover and is conveniently rechargeable through a USB port. Rectangular in shape, with rounded corners and soft to the touch, it ... more info

Tired of losing your light? The UltraThin LED Booklight lets you clip your light to a few pages of your book. When you are reading small documents, you can angle the light on a flexible hinge or fold a metal clip out from the body to create an array of fr ... more info

The Barnes & Noble NK01110018 Lyra e-Reader Light for NOOK Simple Touch comes with a padded grip that allows you to clip your eBook and enjoy reading with its e-Reader light. You can also adjust its steel goose-neck to your preferred angle, enhancing ... more info

Belkin F5L073-TG Digital Text Reader Light F5L073-TG Laptop & Notebook Accessories ... more info

E-Luminator Touch Booklight Compatible e-Readers White ... more info

Add extra light to decks, steps, pathways, and more. Super bright light increases visibility up to 150 feet. Wireless and weatherproof, it's great for indoor or outdoor use. 360 degree adjustable swivel head with sensor mounts anywhere. Wireless light use ... more info

The perfect accessory for any eBook, the Kandle by Ozeri is designed for the Amazon Kindle 1, 2, and DX, Sony Reader Digital Books, and other eBook Readers. New 2011 edition features improved lighting and the award winning design that attaches to eBooks a ... more info

The Arc Light features a USB rechargeable battery and patent-pending cuffs designed to slide onto your e-reader and stay in place. The lights curved arm glides up into the on position, casting bright, even light without any adjustment. Works with Amazon K ... more info

Thanks to its 3 ultra bright x2 LED bulbs the LUX by Icarus can provide you with the highest quality and most affordable solution for lighting your ereader. LUX is one of the best LED book lights in the market designed for the Amazon KindleTM, Kindle To ... more info

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