Top 20 Best Selling Raw Building Materials (2021)

Pegboard hook set contains 50 pieces in all, including six hole screwdriver / narrow tool holder, hammer holders, double straight hooks, L hooks, small, medium and large J hooks, and single straight hooks. ... more info

DIY mold for making walks, patios, courtyards, and terraces. No special skills required. Fill mold with concrete, smooth surface, and remove mold. Takes only minutes to complete a 2' x 2' section. One 80 lb. bag concrete mix will fill a 2' x 2' section of ... more info

This wood restoration kit is one of the best indoor/outdoor wood repair systems in the business. This kit conveniently packages together equal volumes of LiquidWood and WoodEpox. LiquidWood is a deeply penetrating wood consolidant that regenerates and wat ... more info

KIRB-PERFECT is 30 long, if you have a shower curb that is longer than 30, order multiple kits. Kirb-Perfect can be cut and modified. ... more info

The See All PLX18 circular acrylic indoor convex security mirror is a circular, convex, acrylic mirror, with an 18 diameter, that reflects a wide angle image at a diminished size to extend a field of view to help a person see around obstacles for safety, ... more info

Easy to cut, form and fabricate. Will not rust or corrode. Great for roof repair, work bench tops and many other home and shop projects. Recommended for indoor or outdoor uses. ... more info

Reduces plastic shrinkage and improves freeze/thaw durability. Over twice the tensil strength of nylon-high dispersion. Optimum quality for concrete to prevent up to 80 percent of concrete cracks. ... more info

Each High-quality, 20 square foot package contains over 20 assorted domestic and exotic species of unbacked real wood veneers packaged in a convenient size that wont break your budget! Veneers range in size from 5.5 - 7.5 x 12 in length. Just the right si ... more info

Recommended dosage is 1 pound per cubic yard of concrete. Exceeds ASTM C-1116-95 specifications. ... more info

238475 Features: -Create a surface profile that allows for maximum penetration and adhesion of Epoxy Shield Concrete Floor Coating and Rust-Oleum Semi-Transparent Concrete Stains.-Uses citric etch formula to avoid producing dangerous acids or fumes.-Will ... more info

Epoxy Shield, 24 OZ, Concrete Patch & Repair, 2 Part Epoxy Patch, Will Not Shrink Or Crack, Fast Curing, Paintable In 8 Hours, Use For Patching Cracks & Holes In Concrete & Masonry. ... more info

These HEAVYWEIGHT steel pegboards are perfect to organize your workshop and garage tools. Item is 16 x 32 and features a durable galvanized finish, diamond plate stamped surface and solid steel construction. Mounting screws are included. ... more info

Latex ite 30' PLI STIX permanent asphalt and concrete crack filler is the only permanent solution to cracks in the marketplace. It is the same product seen on highways and roads; the only difference is you can apply it and do not need a 200 gallon melter ... more info

Includes (300) 5mm x 19mm x 30mm Domino Beech Tenons - 494938 ... more info

028 Features: -Bin and bin clip kit.-Easy to install.-Store small tools and loose parts.-Compatible with any plastic hanging bin style or size.-Securely store loose parts and tool accessories.-Provides flexibility mounting and arranging bins individually. ... more info

Builders Edge Surface Blocks decoratively provide a level and waterproof surface for all exterior fixtures. Surface blocks are durable, maintenance-free, U.V. stabilized and constructed with color molded-through so they won't scratch, flake, or fade. ... more info

Includes (85) 10mm x 24mm x 50mm Domino Beech Tenons - 494942 ... more info

Band-it Melamine Edge Banding Precoated With A Heat Activated Glue Apply With Household Iron Peggable Polybag 3/4 X 25 White All items sold new in original packaging ... more info

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