Top 20 Best Selling Rain Chains Outdoor D茅cor (2020)

Want to direct the rain falling off your roof and add a little ambiance at the same time? A rain chain is what you need. This rain chain by Ancient Graffiti is copper plated steel, with 20 lily shaped cups to direct the rain flow. Each cup measures 3 inch ... more info

On sale is ONE gutter adaptor for rain chain installation. This adaptor is made of pure solid copper with superior craftsmanship. It functions as a reducer to collect water from downspout and pass onto the downstream rain chain. With this adaptor, you won ... more info

Beautiful Craftsmanship-6-Feet Long-Makes soothing sound when water travels down-Installs Easily-Great Gift Idea! ... more info

Add beauty to your rain chains and added protection to your landscape. Our rain-catching basin is crafted of hand-hammered steel. Bronze powder-coat finish and decorative copper banding make it an elegant destination for your rain. 1 gallon capacity. ... more info

Rain chains have been popular in Japan for centuries. These linked chains are a decorative alternative to a dull downspout. You'll love the vision of water cascading down this charming chain. These chains include a gutter clip - installation is easy! This ... more info

For sale is ONE copper basin made of pure solid copper. It is designed to anchor rain chains and prevent them from swaying too much in the wind. A loop is fixed at the center of the basin to be hooked to the bottom of rain chains. 4 extra copper links are ... more info

Classic copper sundrop rainchain found in Japanese gardens. An alternate to traditional downsputs. ... more info

Pure Copper Traditional Ring Rain Chain 8-1/2-feet is a simple and elegant rain chain, developed by assembling 27 links in a series. The traditional link rain chain is functional and beautiful substitute for a traditional downspout, transforming the rai ... more info

This traditional style 100-Percent copper rain chain is hand made with incredible craftsmanship. Rain chain functions as an elegant alternative to traditional downspout. It makes soothing sound when water travels down. The entire chain (excluding the atta ... more info

A Beautiful Alternative to DownspoutsSolid Copper Rain Chains install quickly and easily, adding personalityand refined style to any home. Rain gently cascades through and around each chain creating a fountain like effect that is sure to excite the senses ... more info

Monarch's breathtakingly stunning pure copper cascading leaves rain chain 8-1/2-Feet a piece of art for your home. ... more info

This rain chain is a modern design that will accent almost any architecture. It comes with it's own hanging hook and installation is easy. It is made of flat black, powder-coated aluminum. ... more info

Bring the harmony of water to your backyard sanctuary. A rain chain is a lovely and functional alternative to the common rain gutter. 'Kusari Doi' in Japanese, rain chains were used in Japan as a functional architectural element to collect rainfall for la ... more info

Monarch International's Pure Copper Midori Cup Rain Chain 8.5ft Length Including Triangular Hanger For Easy Installation. ... more info

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