Top 20 Best Selling Radio Crystals Radio System Parts & Accessories Toys (2022)

This is an AM 27MHz Crystal Set used for all Futaba AM Radio Systems. / / INCLUDES: One 27MHz AM Receiver Crystal (A1-A6) / One 27MHz AM Transmitter Crystal (A1-A6) / AXY 5 ... more info

Airtronics Crystal Set - FM Ch84 Complete set (trans & rec) for channe 84 on the 75Mhx band ... more info

This is the Traxxas replacement #2035 Channel #5 Crystal Set Green 27.195 MegaHertz for their radio systems. FEATURES: Direct fit replacement A.M. crystals YOU WILL RECEIVE: 1 transmitter crystal 1 receiver crystal COMMENTS: There is a tag with the freque ... more info

Crystal Set: CH 2 27.045: Mini-T, Micro-TLosiPart LOSB1095 ... more info

Crystal Set: CH 5 27.195: Mini-T, Micro-TLosiPart LOSB1098 ... more info

This is the Futaba R124H 72MHz AM 4-Channel Mini Receiver without Crystal. FEATURES: Narrow-band spacing and superior signal filtering combine to provide exceptionally clear, interference-free reception and amazingly smooth. ... more info

Crystal Set: CH 1 26.995: Mini-T, Micro-TLosiPart LOSB1094 ... more info

Crystal Set: CH 3 27.095: Mini-T, Micro-TLosiPart LOSB1096 ... more info

FM Crystal Set Channel 19, 72.170: 3D/2, F27CParkzonePart PKZ4162 ... more info

Crystal Set 4 27.145: CircuitElectrix RCPart ECX1084 ... more info

This is a Replacement Crystal Set for all Narrow-Band, Dual Conversion, / FM and PCM Futaba Radio Systems. / This Crystal Set fits the: / R127DF, R127DP, R124DP, R128DF, R128DP, R129DP, R138DP, R148DF and R148DP. / / INCLUDE ... more info

This is the replacement Receiver Crystal Set for / the Heli-Max Axe CX (HMXE09**) / / FEATURES: Complete Set / Assigned to Ch.40 (72.590) / / INCLUDES: One TX Crystal (Transmitter) / One RX Crystal (Reciever) / ... more info

This is the HPI Replacement AM Crystal Set on 27 mhz Channel #A1. The frequency for this crystal set is 26.995.FEATURES: Direct fit replacement AM crystalsINCLUDES: One receiver crystal One transmitter crystalCOMMENTS: There is a brown tag on the receive ... more info

This is an FM Crystal Set (Not Dual Conversion) that is used with 50MHz, 72MHz, and 75MHz Futaba Radio Systems. This Crystal Set is used with the R113IP, R105IP, R118GP and R123F Receivers. YOU WILL RECEIVE: One FM Receiver Crystal One FM Transmitter Crys ... more info

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