Top 20 Best Selling Radio Antennas (2021) Reviews

Top rated radio antennas made by reliable brands – Kaito, Sirius, Terk, Cobra, Winegard, Greentek, Magnum etc.

Shortwave radios brought the world together long before the Internet, and now the Kaito AN-03L antenna helps maximize your shortwave experience. Ideally suited for today's compact shortwave receiver and fully portable, the AN-03L extends to a full 23 feet ... more info

Low-profile magnetic antenna for Sirius satellite radio receivers,Detachable tail piece with right-angle SMB connector.Works with all Sirius plug 'n' play satellite receivers. ... more info

TERK AM antennas fit the needs of every household by providing simple, practical solutions together with high quality radio reception. Enjoy your favorite news, sports and talk radio with this premium indoor AM antenna with the pin-dot pre- tuning which a ... more info

Audiovox AM/FM+ Stereo Antenna with Gamma Loop Technology AM-FM+ Television Accessories ... more info

Since the very first AM/FM tower, TERK radio antennas have featured distinct designs and ease of use coupled with high performance technology. TERK AM/FM antennas fit the needs of every household by providing simple, practical solutions together with high ... more info

Audiovox FMPRO FM-50 Indoor/Outdoor Dual-Drive Amplified FM Antenna FM50 Television Accessories ... more info

Cobra TA Telescopic Whip Antenna HA-TA Television Accessories ... more info

HD FM radio compact, yagi style antenna receives VHF/UHF signals. ... more info

Dual MAW40 40 soft wire marine wire AM/FM antenna. ... more info

The FM-02 is a superior FM/AM antenna that will give you the performance you demand. Its omni-directional design and optimized wide-band signal amplification means no adjusting once it is set up. The simple amplification control has a large 'sweet spot' w ... more info


As the factory antennas are mostly 2dBi rubber ducks which are packaged with the wireless routers or PCI WiFi devices pretty much the same way as low-cost tyres fitted in a new car for obvious reasons, the full potential of wireless coverage cannot be exp ... more info

This antenna ensures that you get the best possible SIRIUS Satellite Radio reception for your home receiver or plug-and-play radio. The indoor antennas included with these radios can't always do the job. You can use the supplied bracket to mount this al ... more info

Audiovox XM XHD2H1 Tuner for Home with 21-Inch Cable (Black) ... more info

Boost your wireless signal!This Broadband Amplifiers ARG-2301A 2.4 GHz WiFi Signal Booster can help you increase your wireless coverage and throughput. It's ideal for use with detachable 2.4 GHz antenna equipments and works with most wireless access point ... more info

The slim, low-profile SIRIUS DOT micro antenna installs unobtrusively on your vehicle's roof or trunk, giving you excellent reception of the SIRIUS signal. The dome antenna measures 2-1/4 in diameter and only 1/2 tall, and only works with single-input sat ... more info

Standard FM dipole antenna with 300 ohm twin leads. Use with F-type balun for 75-ohm coaxial input on A/V receivers (sold separately). 5-1/2 ft. length. ... more info

The finest FM tuner in the world won't perform much better than a mediocre component if you don't have it connected to a quality antenna. Don't starve your tuner for signals. Feed it the RF nourishment it needs with the Magnum Dynalab ST-2. It brings out ... more info

The Tram 1610-HC 5ft VHS Marine Antenna covers all marine-band frequencies and features a heavy-duty fiberglass construction. ... more info

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