Top 20 Best Selling Radar Detectors (2021) Reviews

You’ll never get another speeding ticket again! Highly rated car radar detectors from trusted brands such as Whistler Radar, Cobra, Escort, Beltronics and MFX2.

Here's a solid detector from Whistler, with basic detection minus unneeded bells and whistles. Get total band protection with a simple icon display, city and highway modes, quiet mode, and other features, along with Whistler exclusives like the can’t-miss ... more info

PASSPORT 9500ix comes complete with comprehensive owner’s manual, quick-release windshield mount, coiled SmartCord, quick reference card, and an ESCORT travel case. ... more info Product Description The Beltronics Vector 940 is the perfect accessory for the economical driver. When you think about how much just one speeding violation will cost you, an investment like this seems downright practical. The Vector 940 still h ... more info Product Description The XRS 9345 provides total protection and peace of mind with the Xtreme Range Superheterodyne technology, detecting all 14 radar/laser bands with reliable and proven performance. It comes with the UltraBright Data Display, ... more info

We have combined our heavy duty suction mount system with a mounting plate. The suction is rated to hold 20 pounds. Once it is attached to your windshield, it isn't coming down unless you want it to by pressing on the suction release. The angle of the mo ... more info

With the best radar performance under $200, drive safely and save money with the Vector 955. Includes features usually found on more expensive detectors: three brightness levels, VG-2 immunity, digital signal processing, sturdy windshield mount, and more. ... more info

The Cobra end 7400 performance radar/laser detector provides 360 degree detection of laser signals, warns drivers of emergency vehicles and road hazards from systems equipped with Safety Alert transmitters, Alerts users when they are under surveillance of ... more info

Cobra XRS-9545 Digital Radar/Laser DetectorThe XRS-9545 provides total protection and peace of mind with the Xtreme Range Superheterodyne technology, detecting all 14 radar/laser bands with reliable and proven performance. It comes with the DigiView Data ... more info

Radar detector manufacturers are constantly playing a game of catch-up with new technologies designed to nab the lead-footed. Pop radar is a relatively new instant-on technology that may make a whole generation of radar detectors obsolete. These radar gun ... more info

Whistler XTR-265 Laser-Radar Detector. Whistler’s Total Band detectors alert you to the presence of all major police radar and laser systems. Product features: Patented POP Mode Detection, Numeric Icon Display, Exclusive Low Profile Periscopes, Total Band ... more info Review POP radar, Ka band, Laser. The list of funny-sounding technologies designed to nab speeders keeps growing. Fortunately, Beltronics has produced an effective, compact, and user-friendly radar detector. It's made for folks who don't want t ... more info

Cobra® iRadar™ combines industry-leading radar, laser, and speed and red light camera detection technology with the power of the iPhone® to provide an advanced, smart detection system. Using the iPhone's Bluetooth® wireless technology connection, Cobra® i ... more info

Cobra XRS-9950 12 Band Maximum Performance Full Color Display Digital Radar/Laser Detector - Cobra XRS9960G. ... more info

The Passport 8500 has been hailed as the most revolutionary radar/laser detector ever. said, it might be the best radar detector ever made! Popular Mechanics called it state of the art. named it The World's Best! Now, we're rai ... more info

Whistler's Pro-Series Line! Can Whistler improve for 2009? YES! Our new SE versions of our high performance units include a feature called Ka Max mode. This feature improves on our already impressive Ka perfromance. All the SE models include our popular f ... more info

The Cobra XRS 9745 15band radar/ laser detector with new DigiView data display technology and Voice Alert, has the innovative pop mode radar gun detection capability as well as a built in digital compass, digital signal strength meter, city/ highway selec ... more info

The xtr-335:real voice alerts - selectablepatented pop mode detectionnumeric icon displayexclusive low profile periscopestotal band protection360° maxx coverage 3 city modes/highway modehigh gain lensstay alertdim/dark modequiet/auto quiet modesalert prio ... more info

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