Top 20 Best Selling Racquet Accessories Vibration Dampeners (2021)

Over 3 Million Sold! The original “worm” shaped vibration dampener that contacts the critical main strings and dampens out vibration with its patented Zorbicon filled design. Do not overstretch during installation. ... more info

Rubber elastomer compound and tapered design for maximum string dampening. ... more info

Pete Sampras O vibration dampener is one of the most used dampener of all time. A simple O fits between your strings with minimal air resistance. ... more info

Ball impact induces two different types of vibrations, coming from both the frame and the strings. Positioned at the bottom of the string bed - in contact with the racquet frame. Babolat RVS (Racquet Vibration System) is the only device to dampen both. ... more info

Add a little fun to your racquet with String Things character dampeners. Ideal rewards for kids' lessons, clinics and QuickStart Tennis play. String Things are not just fun, they are vibration dampeners that actually protect young arms from harmful shock ... more info

Wilson, the iconic American tennis brand, was built by people with a deep devotion to the game. It was built on a promise: to elevate the millions of athletes around the world, at every level of the sport, who call Wilson their own. We've been keeping tha ... more info

Tennis Vibration Dampeners (6 Pack) Red - Best all-round (all-court game). Black - Explosive power. Yellow - Speed and endurance. White - Egg Bomb (big servers). Blue - 3-pronged attack (quick net play). Pig - Defensive style. ... more info

Want mix 6pcs with different design, please leave us message about the quantity you want for each color name Package incclude: 6 pieces Vibration Dampeners Product parameter: Item: FCA-05 Material: Silicone Weight: 0.18ounce / 5g per piece ... more info

Head Djokovic Vibration DampenerA new button-style dampener which surrounds the two main strings and allows more comfort during play. The dampener is played by Novak Djokovic.Features:Two per pack ... more info

Fixed to the racquet frame the Babolat RVS is the only vibration dampener to reduce both vibrations in the strings and frame ... more info

Mounted in the cable-slot, the SDS dramatically reduces string noise and oscillation. Micro-adjustable dampening rods are fitted with durable, high-impact rubber dampeners that reduce the string's vibration without reducing the speed or accuracy of the ar ... more info

This Officially Licensed US Open product dampens shock and vibration. ... more info

The Babolat Custom Damp is now in a new square shape and offers a silicon based compound for increased dampening. 2 different configurations allow you to customize the level of dampening.2 per pack.Colors: Yellow/Black & Black/White or Blue/White & White/ ... more info

The Wilson Pro Feel Plus uses a silicon based compound for increased dampening. Free floating center dynamically absorbs shock and vibration.Colors: Red, Black1 per pack ... more info

Vibration Dampener Smiley Set (6 Pack) Great novelty vibration dampeners to brighten your day. This tennis racquet vibration dampener set will be the talk of the court. Keep them all for yoourself or give them away. Make a great gift for tennis fanatics. ... more info

The WILSON Vibra Fun Hearts Tennis Dampener is sure to add style to your racquet Included are 2 glitter tennis dampeners 1 silver and 1 red ... more info

Package incclude: 6 x Blue smily Product parameter: Item: FCA-05 Color: Blue Material: Silicone Weight: 0.18ounce / 5g per piece ... more info

This dampener features smartsorb technology that absorbs more dampening than the usual dampenernbsp Rubber elastomer compound Tapered design Maximal string dampening ... more info

This device works. But please note that since it goes on your tennis racquet it is small and light. Some customers have commented that it is hard to adjust a small device. We don't personally have any problem; but kindly take note of this before purcha ... more info

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