Top 20 Best Selling Putty Body Repair Tools (2021)

Bondo Glazing and Spot Putty is a 1-part putty that fills imperfections, pinholes in body filler, scratches, paint chips and minor dings. Can be used with other auto body repair materials. ... more info

3M Bondo 261 body filler comes in gray and is packaged 14 oz per inner, 12 per case. Can be used with steel. Cure time should always be considered on any application or project. Once applied, this product requires a 10 min cure time before it is fully set ... more info

J-B Weld HighHeat is a hand mixable epoxy putty stick specifically formulated to bond and repair materials聽that will be exposed to high temperatures in automotive and industrial maintenance applications. It聽cures to a tough, hard bond with little to no sh ... more info

Bondo Red Cream Hardener is designed to be used with Bondo Body Fillers, Bondo-Glass Bondo-Hair and Fiberglass Resin Jelly. Formulated and packaged under temperature-controlled conditions which assures freshness and maximum performance. ... more info

QuikSteel high temperature repair kit fills cracks and pits. Will withstand direct flame and strength increases with heat. Repairs furnaces, barbeques or any high heat item, withstands temperatures of 2400 degrees Fahrenheit. Comes in easy to use and stor ... more info

Bondo Self-Adhesive Body Patch provides a firm, metal reinforced contour foundation for Bondo body filler and fiberglass resins when applied directly over the patched area. ... more info

Clear Gel Coat Scratch Patch - Clear--Repair fiberglass boats, bathtubs, shower stalls and hot tubs. Easy permanent repairs on hairline cracks, small scratches and chips in fiberglass. This one part formula does not need a catalyst! Clear Scratch Patch is ... more info

Bondo Auto Body Filler is a two-part putty compound that can be used to repair dents, dings, holes, rusted areas and scratches in vehicle exteriors. Bondo Body Filler cures fast, shapes in minutes and is formulated to be a non-shrinking and permanently ... more info

RAGE is premium lightweight body filler formulated with the finest resin available. Tack-free and stain resistant, RAGE extends the life of sandpaper and reduces the chance of staining. Superior spreading and sanding properties eliminate the need for che ... more info

Cures to a tack-free state in 15 to 20 minutes. This filler has a creamy texture, spreads smoothly, easy to sand and is vacuum processed to minimize pinholing. ... more info

Z-GRIP is an advanced clog-free, lightweight body filler for today's high-tech metals. Formulated with ZNX-7 for superior adhesion to galvanized steel, bare steel and aluminum. Part of the METALWORKS System that honors the OEM corrosion warranty. Con ... more info

Thick formula makes for faster, easier, waterproof repairs on metal, fiberglass, wood, and masonry. Great for use with fiberglass cloth or mat to fix rusted areas, holes, tears, and cracks. The no sag, no shrink, and no rot formula makes it ideal for cust ... more info

For use with US Chemical's All-Metal aluminum filled repair compound. Fast acting for a permanent bond in minutes. For the strongest possible use with USC's fiberglass resin. .5oz packaged in tube. Made in USA ... more info

3M 05095 glaze comes in white and is packaged 1 tube per pack, 12 tubes per case. Cure time should always be considered on any application or project. Once applied, this product requires a 25 min cure time before it is fully set and provides maximum stren ... more info

3M Dynatron 592 body filler comes in white and is packaged 1 qt per inner, 6 per case. Can be used with aluminum, e-coat, polyester, steel. ... more info

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