Top 20 Best Selling Punching Bags Pedestal Bags (2021)

Unleash your alpha male by inflicting powerful blows against this lifelike mannequin Low-profile base, rugged covering, and high-density foam interior ensure long product life Fill the base with 270 lbs. of either water or sand to create stability Lightwe ... more info

This 6-foot high, 18oz coated vinyl, commercial-strength bag features a heavy-duty, low-profile base that fills easily with water or sand. SDS, the stress distribution system, protects against cracks and leaks. Water-filled weight is 250 lbs., sand-filled ... more info

A complete four piece combo system, which includes Free Standing Heavy Bag, Vinyl Bag Gloves, Super X Training DVD and mesh drawstring bag. Freestanding heavy bag is 18 in diameter and features 7 striking zones representing body points. ... more info

Scoring zones on XXL punching surface provide specific targets for trainng and combinations. Low profile base for stability and functionality. Extra large fill hole and cap. ... more info

The Fitness Refle x Bag is perfect for novice boxers or fitness enthusiasts who want to get a great workout, while developing accuracy, timing and distance. The durable, synthetic leather punching bag mimics the movement of an actual opponent via the spec ... more info

The amply named Opponent Punching Bag allows you to face your advisory head-on. Develop pinpoint accuracy by targeting specific areas of the life-like upper torso. Designed to flex and rebound like an actual opponent. Complete with three adjustable positi ... more info

The Free-Standing Fitness Punching Bag is always ready for a solid, aerobic workout. Its free-standing design allows you to exercise where ever is most convenient. The shock-absorbing foam is encased in a durable, vinyl shell. Along with the added base pa ... more info

Centurys ultimate bag with the largest kicking and punching surface area on the market. Stands 69 tall and a full 18 in diameter. Striking surface is made of durable vinyl over high density foam. Low profile base and large new bag provide an excellent tar ... more info

Everyone knows that the best way to relieve stress is to hit something. Now you can knock the lights out of stress and calories with the compact KO Workout Gym. Boss got you steamed? Strap on your gloves and go a few rounds. Portable design allows you to ... more info

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