Top 20 Best Selling Prisms & Kaleidoscopes Novelty & Gag Toys Toys (2021)

Rotate the end and watch explosions of color inside the tube. ... more info

00010 Features: -Fascinate children by demonstrating.-Bevel cut to reflect images into wonderful kaleidoscope patterns. Color/Finish: -Rainbow of colors hidden in natural sunlight. ... more info

A classic toy with an old world map look, this kaleidoscope is made with plastic beads and lenses and a tough outer shell, so it's child friendly. Rotating the barrel makes colorful shapes melt and shift into one another for an impressive effect. Ages 5 a ... more info

Want to view the world in a whole new way? Try on a pair of our diffraction glasses and see a new perspective on light and color! You'll see rainbows where ever there is white light and the rainbow bursts will amaze you! View your world in bright new col ... more info

Bring the world just a little closer with this giant magnifying glass. Made of plastic. Size 9 T x 4 3/4 ... more info

This kit includes all the things needed to build a 10-inch kaleidoscope and customize it in 4 different styles. ... more info

Deck prisms were used to let sunlight into dark and gloomy areas on the old sailing vessels of previous centuries. This deck prism is an exact reproduction! Created by Mystic Seaport from an original on the whaler Charles W. Morgan, each Reproduction Deck ... more info

This magnifying glass is great for any little explorer. Toy magnifier is made of hard plastic. Size 3 long. 48 pieces per package. ... more info

Making kaleidoscope designs has never been so easy or so much fun! Kaleidoscope Kreator 3 was redesigned from the ground up to make it faster and easier to use and packed with features that fans of the original Kaleidoscope have been asking for. Features: ... more info

Plastic Transparent Prisms. Assorted colors. 1 3/4 Assorted colors. 1 3/4 - 4 ounces Manufacturer Recomended Age: 3 years and up ... more info

Precision crafted of clear acrylic. It is available on a blister card and is 1.75 inches in length. For thousands of years man has been fascinated by prismatic effects. Now you can hold the power to this wonderful mystery in your hands.. The Right Angle ... more info

Get the party started with this 4 inch portable LED disco light projector. Patterns of lights dance across the walls and ceilings to transform and space into a funky dance club. Requires three AA batteries (not included). ... more info

The classic kaleidoscope with a curious twist, Curious George that is. Hold up the light and twist the bottom. The colorful, multishaped beads inside will unfold a new coloration with each twist. Made of durable tin, not plastic. ... more info

Fun Craft Supplies for Any Event! Looking for easy craft supplies for your carnival or Vacation Bible Schools We have the craft supplies you need to make your event a hit. And at these prices you can keep your checkbook as happy as your party guests! A do ... more info

Divide light into color instantly! High-quality 4-inch optical prism divides white light into a colorful spectrum. Excellent for optics and physics studies. Includes a fun and informative guide book. ... more info

A kaleidoscope is a simple tube of mirrors and small colored objects, yet it's varying colors and beautiful symmetrical patterns produce an exciting and educational experience for all ages. This collapsible G.W. Schleidt design features an elegant Olde W ... more info

Measuring only 1/2 thick, the Fireworks is a sleek little kaleidoscope which includes a colorful liquid wand. But even better than it's pleasing design is the fact that it contains grade A scientific mirrors which produce a stunning ever changing double s ... more info

Dress My Cupcake is the world's largest manufacturer of designer cupcake wrappers! We also manufacture vibrant candy buffet decorations, such as our Magnetic Crystals and Decorative Trim. Our Magnetic Hanging Crystals and other party decorations perfectly ... more info

The word kaleidoscope was first used in 1817. It was derived from 3 Greek words: Kalos, meaning beautiful, eidos, meaning shape, and scope慰 meaning to look at, to examine. These came together as kaleidoscope or looking at beautiful forms. This great educa ... more info

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