Top 20 Best Selling Pretzels Fruits, Nuts & Snacks (2021)

Silver Milk Chocolate M&M's Candy (1 Pound Bag) from Superior Nuts. Superior was founded over 80 years ago on the premise of fresh quality nuts, dried fruits and chocolates served locally. Although our third generation business has grown over the years an ... more info

Baseballs are delicious solid milk chocolate balls wrapped in baseball foil covers. Piece size: 3/4\ x 3/4\ x 3/4\. Approx 75-80 Pieces Per Lb. Additional pounds combined. Made USA. OUD Kosher. ... more info

Irresistibly crunchy, deliciously gourmet naturally thin. ... more info

One of the world's favorite chocolate since 1941, M&M'S Classic Milk Chocolate candies are made of irrestistable milk chocolate in a colorful candy shell. ... more info

To embrace a gluten free life is to embrace a bountiful life. A life filled with possibility and opportunity. A life unhampered by can't and don't and won't. A life where our bodies and hearts and minds are balanced and in tune. For many of us, living glu ... more info

Delicious, All Natural, Thin, Crunchy Pretzel Snacks Rich, Dark Cholate covered Pretzel Crisps Try them frozen, or top them with your favorite ice cream for an extra special treat A perfect blend of savory and sweet. Share these delightfully delicious Pre ... more info

The Simply Lite family of chocolates are crafted with the finest, simple ingredients, natural sweeteners and zero trans fat. Theyre the product of countless hours of research, development, and testing by the most demanding of judges discriminating chocola ... more info

4 flavors * Almonds and Raisins * Hazelnuts * Chestnut (Par谩) * Cereal and Raisins 4 sabores * Amendoes e Passas * Avelas * Castanha do Para * Cereais e Passas ... more info

Yogurt covered pretzels, a delicious combination. ... more info

Its chock full of whole nuts, pretzel pieces and other tasty, all-natural morsels. Crunchy & chewy, with a sweet & salty taste, its a perfect snack. And since its made with 70% organic ingredients, its good for the planet too. ... more info

Rich and dreamy may be how some describe Mr. Right, but it's also what makes these twisted temptations so scandalously desirable. ... more info

Add sparkly color to your favorite treats for any occasion. You will get 1 ounce. Kosher Parve ... more info

Crushed Peppermint Candy Cane Powder, 28 oz shaker bottles Add to Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Sprinkle on top of whip Creme, Use on Cookies, Cakes, Cake pops, Ice Cream, Gingerbread Houses, as a topping or mix right in Perfect for Birthdays, Holidays, Christma ... more info

De Ruijter Originals Extra Puur Hagelslag (Specails Extra Puur vol van smaak /Special Extra Dark Chocolate Sprinkles) Specials Extra Puur bevat maar liefst 35% meer cacaobestanddelen dan De Ruijter Chocoladehagelslag Puur. De Ruijter Originals Extra Puur ... more info

Our Yogurt Pretzels are mini pretzels covered with our rich Yogurt. ... more info

Crunchy, salty pretzels with a sweet and tangy yogurt coating. ... more info

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