Top 20 Best Selling Preamps Electric Guitar Amplifiers (2021)

This Pyle Pro preamp is perfect for bringing a turntable's phono-level output to line-level output for your receiver or amplifier. The ultra low-noise audio operational amplifier offers outstanding sound performance. Includes a 12 V DC adaptor for operati ... more info

A single channel low-cost preamp with all the features and components needed for high quality audio recording, the Golden Age Project's Pre73 MKII Microphone and Line Preamp utilizes a wholly discrete signal path by way of three transformers that have bee ... more info

So, the heckler spots you plugging in your ultra-cool Electro-Harmonix 44 Magnum micro amp head and says, all cocky like, Hey, man! What are you doing plugging that there stompbox straight into your speaker cabinet? You say nothing in reply... just plug y ... more info

The BBE FJB-200X Phono Preamp converts an RIAA turntable signal into line level so you can play your vinyl straight through your stereo, mixer, or computer sound card. The BBE preamp has stereo RCA I/O, 1/4 TRS out, and a grounding post for 60-cycle hum e ... more info

This preamp has the same great sound and super low noise as the Pure Preamp, with the addition of a DI balanced XLR out and a phase switch. It is 9-volt battery or phantom power operated, features a 1/4 line out plus the XLR output in a compact package. T ... more info

This time-proven outboard preamp features +/-20 db bass, mid, and treble controls plus an internal gain trimmer. The beltclip unit has been specifically designed for the frequencies of the acoustic guitar but it is also great for many other instruments. T ... more info

The JJ ECC803 is a long-plate version of the standard 12AX7, The longer plates give the tube higher gain, It has a rich and full tone with creamy distortion that does well in any 12AX7 application. Spiral filament for reduced microphonics. JJ Tubes are kn ... more info

iRig PRE is the ultimate solution for connecting any type of microphone - from regular stage microphones to expensive studio models - to any iPhone iPod touch or iPad providing access to the widest range of recording applications. iRig PRE is a high-quali ... more info

Fire-Eye products are built by hand at home. Raw components are purchased, the chassis are drilled with a hand drill, they are transported to a paint shop to be powder-coated, and then taken to a print shop to get legends. Then the mechanical components a ... more info

1U rackmount is versatile instrument pre-amp with parametric EQ. A supercharged tone shaper for any signal source, including electric bass, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, vocals, etc. For stage and studio applications. ... more info

Our New DI MAX is the most versatile instrument pre-amp on the market. With 2 independent channels, the DI MAX can be used as a blender as well as a pre-amp. The Channel-1 input will accept 录 mono as well as 录 stereo (TRS) inputs which allows the DI MAX t ... more info

High-Performance Compact Phono Stage The V-LPS MkII is a very high-performance MM/MC phono stage from Musical Fidelity. To call it technically correct doesn't begin to do justice to the superb sound quality. The V-LPS MkII has virtually perfect RIAA, ext ... more info

The ART USB Phono Plus phono preamp lets DJs and vinyl enthusiasts digitize their vinyl more easily and effectively than ever. USB connectivity streamlines the connection to your computer, while an RIAA-type preamp boosts the phono signal to line level fo ... more info

This 4-channel Engl tube preamp has much more to offer than just being the heart of a modern Rock rack system. Besides the convincing clean, crunch, and lead tones, a balanced recording compensated output helps you lay your parts straight into your hard d ... more info

The Microtubes B7K Bass Preamp/DI Pedal is the meanest beast of the family, and probably the most flexible and versatile Bass Overdrive out there! It features all the handy features of its little brother and much more! One of the amazing additions is the ... more info

100% Brand new,never used Item's color might be different from the picture because of the aberration. Brand:Belcat 1 Volume+3 Tone pots with balance volume Balance volume for pickup Volume:Master Bass:+/-12dB at 85Hz Middle:+/-12dB at 800Hz Treble:+/-12dB ... more info

Combo amp sound thin? Need more tone and screaming distortion? Grab the Gainiac 2!! With over 100dB of outrageous gain, this tube preamp has two channels with the most intense distortion and power that you need to perform at full throttle! ... more info

100% Brand new,never used Item's color might be different from the picture because of the aberration. 1 Volume + 3 Tone pots with balance volume Balance volume for pickup Volume:Master Bass:+/-12dB at 85Hz Treble:+/-12dB at 7KHz Package included: 1 x Bel ... more info

Kirk Hammett 1 x 12' Combo. Includes 75 watts w/2-channels. Overdrive channel w/dual gains, voicing switch and contour control. Clean channel w/boost option. Spring reverb. Footswitch included. ... more info

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