Top 20 Best Selling Power Metal Lathes (2021) Reviews

Top rated power metal lathes from high quality brands Bolton, Jet, Shop Fox, Generic etc.

Our combination lathe/ milling machine will by far exceed your expectations, with tolerances that would satisfy the most skilled machinist,12 swing over bed, 20 distance between centers, 1 spindle bore, 6 speeds 160-1600 RPM, thread range 11-40 TPI, 0.5 - ... more info

Includes BD-920W, Lathe with S-920N Stand - 321155K, 4-in 3-Jaw scroll Chuck With Threaded Back Plate, 7-in 4-Jaw Independent with Threaded Back Plate, Face Plate, Four-Way Tool Post, Steady and Follow Rest, Metric Change Gear, Centers, Threading Dial, To ... more info

The SHOP FOX Mini-Lathe is a perfect lathe for someone who wants a durable and well-designed machine that can fit in a small location. The M1015 gives model makers, toolmakers, gun hobbyists and weekend machinists a way to economically produce small prec ... more info

-Variable Speed.~ -Induction Harden Bedway.~ -14 Distance Between Centers.~ -7 Swing Over Bed.~ -110mm Swing Over Cross Slide.~ -Mt3 Spindle Taper.~ -Mt2 Tailstock Taper.~ -80mm Chuck Diameter.~ -20mm Spindle Bore.~ -65mm Cross Slide Travel.~ -35mm Top Sl ... more info

An excellent small-sized lathe with an impressive 9-3/4 swing and 21 distance between centers, the Model M1016 offers a whole gang of handy accessories like 5 3- and 4-jaw chucks, 8-1/2 faceplate, 4-way turret tool post, quick change tool post, quick chan ... more info

Other features include: -Spindle Bore: 0.79 or 20mm.~ -Cross Side Travel: 2.56 or 65mm.~ -Top Side Travel: 1.38 or 35mm.~ -Range Of Imperial Threads: 12-52T.P.I.~ -Spindle Accuracy: 0.0004 or 0.01mm.~ -Spindle Speed: 0-2500RPM Infinitely Variable.~ -Power ... more info

Swing over bed 12-3/5 Swing over carriage 7-7/8 Distance between centers 750mm 30 Lathe Chuck Diameter 6-7/10 3 Jaw Self Centering chuck Spindle taper MT5# Spindle through bore 1-1/2 Spindle Speeds 12(60-1600 RPM) Metric threads 15 (0.5-4mm) Inch threads ... more info

(SHOWN WITH OPTIONAL STAND) Our newest lathe includes an enclosed gear box, reverse threading capabilities and backlash adjustments provided throughout the carriage. With features like a 25/32in. spindle bore, a MT#3 tailstock and 6 spindle speeds you芒?T ... more info

825-321200 Features: -Variable speed.-Inside Leadscrew.-Overlowad protection. Specifications: -Swing Over Bed: 5 1/2 in.-Distance Between Centers: 9 3/4 in.-Spindle Bore: 0.33 in.-Spindle Mount: MT-2.-Spindle Thread: MT-2.-Spindle Speed: 100 rpm [Min], 2 ... more info

27 longitudinal feeds from 0.005 to 0.011in. Spindle is mounted in tapered roller bearings and has MT-#3 taper with 1 1/2in. x 8 TPI spindle nose. Cross slide travel of 5in. Tailstock adjusts for taper cuts. Lathe has hardened and ground bedways, 7in. 4-j ... more info

Distance between centers 15-3/4 Dial Calibration on Crossfeed 0.05(0.002) Calibration on Leadscrew 0.05(0.002) Headstock Taper MT#4 Lathe Chuck Mount Bolt-On Spindle Bore 26(1.03) Spindle Speeds 9 (125-1800 RPM) Swing over bed 10 Swing over work table 4 T ... more info

Includes GH-1440W-1 Lathe with ACU-RITE 200S DRO and Collet Closer Installed - 321548, 6-in 3-Jaw Direct Mount Chuck with Top Reversing Jaws, 8-in 4-jaw chuck, 12-in Face Plate, Four-Way Tool Post, Steady and Follow Rest, Micro-Carriage Bed Stop, Front re ... more info

GHB-1440A Bench Lathe, Stand Enclosed gear box design provides smooth, quiet operationFast, easy speed changesHardened and ground gears are featured in the headstock and gearboxD1-4 spindle is precision ground for accuracy and supported by high quality ta ... more info

Includes GH-1440W-1 Lathe with Acu-Rite 200S DRO Installed - 321549, Tolerance Test Certificate, Heavy-Duty Stand, 6-in 3-Jaw Direct Mount Chuck with Top Reversing Jaw, 8-in 4-Jaw Chuck, 12-in Faceplate, Four-Way Tool Post, Steady and Follow Rest, Micro-C ... more info

-Distance Between Center: 12/8 or 300/200mm~ -Swing Over Bed: 7 or 180mm~ -Tail Stock Taper: MT2~ -Chuck Diameter: 3.15 or 80mm~ -Spindle Bore: 0.79 or 20mm~ -Cross Side Travel: 2.56 or 65mm~ -Top Side Travel: 1.38 or 35mm~ -Range Of Imperial Threads: 12- ... more info

Spindle Bore: 1-1/2 Spindle Speeds:12 (60-1600 RPM/50Hz) or (75-1900RPM/60Hz) Swing over work table: 6-7/10 Thread pitch on processing: 9-48 1/n Thread kinds on processing: 23. Tailstock Taper: MT3# X-Axis Working Travel:23-3/5 Y-Axis Working Travel: 6 Mi ... more info

This top quality lathe is used for turning, counter facing, making bushings, spindles, prototypes, models and much, much more! ... more info

Lathe Specifications: Swing over bed 320mm 12-3/5 Swing over carriage 200mm 7-7/8 Distance between centers 600mm 23-3/5 Lathe Chuck Diameter 170mm 6-7/10 Lathe Chuck Type 3 Jaw Self Centering Spindle taper MT#5 Spindle through bore 38mm 1-1/2 Spindle Spee ... more info

Includes 14-in x 40-in Gear-Head Bench Lathe - 321359A ... more info

Includes 14-in x 40-in 3 HP 1-Phase Geared Head Engine Lathe - 321830, Heavy-Duty Stand, 6-in 3-Jaw Direct Mount Chuck w/ Top Reversing Jaws, 8-in 4-Jaw Chuck, 12-in Face Plate, Four-Way Tool Post, Steady &, Follow Rest, Micro-Carriage Bed Stop, Front ... more info

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