Top 20 Best Selling Power Log Splitters (2021) Reviews

Durable, powerful & top rated power log splitters for splitting logs/oak/wood quickly and easily. Made by quality brands Swisher, McCulloch, Pow’ R’ Kraft, Grizzly, Fisch, HDC, Yard Machines etc. With one of these log splitters, you can save time, energy and no more back problems splitting logs.

1.5 tons of pressure splits wood easily by simply stepping on the foot plate and using body weight to depress the lever. Splits logs up to 18in. long and 10in. in diameter. Folds flat for easy transport, making it ideal for camping, cookouts and field wor ... more info

This Pow'R'kraft 7-ton electric log splitter has a dependable 1,500 watt/2,300 watt output electric motor that runs on regular household current with a ground fault breaker that protects against overload. This incredibly designed 2-speed electric motor pr ... more info

Split wood the easy way with a slide hammer splitter! The slide hammer action is safer than swinging an axe or maul around and it prevents flying wood chips. Features a cushion grip handle that absorbs shocks and gives you a firm grip. Heavy duty steel co ... more info

Prince Log Splitter Detent Valve for open center systems. Relief valve adjustable to 2750 PSI, preset at 2250 PSI, flow rating up to 25 gal./min. Our most popular log splitter valve. Spring centered in one direction, pressure released detent in the other ... more info

Great for splitting wood for the fireplace. No more backbreaking spitting with a maul! ... more info

This Sun Joe 5 Ton Log Splitter comes with Easy Portability 6 Inch Wheels, Powerful 2 HP Motor, 5 ton Driving Force, Dual Handed Safety Switch, Log Capacity 10 Inch Diameter 20 Inch length and 2 Year Warranty ... more info

Manually operated log splitter features a 2-speed pump that quickly builds up to 10 tons of log-splitting pressure. Pump operates using 2 steel handles to split logs up to 18in. long. 212mm ram stroke. Includes 2 wheels for easy maneuverability (not shown ... more info

The Ardisam Earthquake 12-ton log splitter features a 2-position beam to split logs at two different heights and a 7in. splitting wedge to split logs quickly. ... more info

With a convenient, lightweight design with wheels that give you easy portability and splitting wedge that adjusts to 5 different heights, this foot-operated manual log splitter is perfect for getting your firewood supply ready for winter. Continuous Force ... more info

35 Ton Capacity, 9 HP, 15 GPM, 2-stage gear pump, Horizontal and Vertical position, splits up to 24-Inch long and 12-Inch diameter, 8-Inch hard steel wedge, pneumatic wheels, Cycle time 21 seconds ... more info

The Swisher 10-ton manual log splitter is a manually operated, two-speed pump splitter that builds up to 10 tons of log splitting pressure fast for quick and easy log splitting. Low and high speeds are available to accommodate various types of wood for ad ... more info

FREE Shipping- A day of chopping wood has never been less of a chore with the Earthquake 5-ton log splitter. Simply plug it in and start splitting logs. ... more info

Cut a big job down to size with Troy-Bilt log splitters, featuring rugged construction and cast iron splitting wedges. Troy-bilt log splitters are built with the power and force you need to make short work of one of your toughest chores. You'll quickly ma ... more info

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: ?Motor: 15A ?Horsepower: 2 ?Splitting Force: 5-Tons (11 000 lbs) ?Hydraulic Pressure: 2320 PSI ?Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 3.2 Liters ?Width: 40 in. ?Depth: 13 in. ?Height: 19 in. ?Weight: 98 lbs (44.5 kg) INCLUDES: ?Instruction ... more info

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