Top 20 Best Selling Power Inverters (2021) Reviews

Top rated power inverters and power adapter from trusted brands – Duracell, Wagan, DBTech, Coby, Cobra, Reconton, Sima, Roadpro etc. Power inverters helps in converting DC (Direct Current) power to AC (Alternating Current) power or vice versa.

Technical Specification: Input Voltage (DC): From 12 Vdc Nominal / From 10-24Vdc Maximum ; Input Current: 1.0A max at 12Vdc ; 75% minimum at dc output full loading and nominal DC input voltage range. Output Voltage: Vout: 5.0V, Range: 5.0 - 5.6V, Vpp: 200 ... more info

Whether you're at home, on the road, in the air, or any remote location, you can trust Duracell portable and backup power solutions to keep your important electronic devices powered up. Put Duracell power in the palm of your hand to help keep you safe, pr ... more info

The Wagan Twin USB and 12V DC Cup Holder Power Adapter expands your vehicle's accessory power options. It comes equipped with two 12V DC power outlets and two USB power ports. Simply connect it to your vehicle's cigarette lighter adapter and you'll be r ... more info

The Wagan 4-Way 12V Automotive Socket Extender lets you power up to four electronic items at once. Simply plug it into your vehicle's 12V cigarette lighter to quickly expand from one DC socket to four. This extender is ideal for powering your laptop, ce ... more info

The Wagan 5-Amp AC to 12V DC Power Adapter allows you to use your 12-Volt DC powered items outside of your vehicle, including in your home, office, or dorm. It's ideal for GPS units, portable powered coolers/warmers, air compressors, and other DC applian ... more info

The Wagan Smart 200-Watt USB Power Inverter provides one USB port and two 120-Volt AC outlets. This inverter is ideal for supplying power to laptops, mobile appliances and other AC and USB appliances. It comes equipped with built-in surge protection for c ... more info

Main FeaturesManufacturer: Coby Electronics CorporationManufacturer Part Number: CA-709Manufacturer Website Address: www.cobyusa.comProduct Type: Auto AdapterInput Voltage: 12 V DC Output Voltage: 1.5 V DC , 3 V DC , 4.5 V DC , 6 V DC , 7.5 V DC , 9 V DC ... more info

Wagan 400-Watt DC to AC Continuous Power Inverter can power laptop computers, mobile appliances and other AC Applications. Provides 1000 watts peak surge power. Includes 2 grounded AC outlets plus 2 USB ports to power your appliances. Loaded with safety f ... more info

SOLAR POWER Boost Powerful enough to charge all of your portable electronics using the POWER of the SUN!Provides a source of POWER when away from outlets! Solar Panels charge and maintain 1400 mAh of power! 60 minute charge provides up to 180 minutes of ... more info

Do you have a lot of gadgets to charge? Are your passengers always looking to charge their phones? This unit is the perfect solution for charging up to four devices at once from your vehicle's 12V DC outlet. ... more info

This inverter provides household power on the go. It converts battery power to 120 V AC household power, allowing you to power up office equipment and household appliances from your vehicle. This unit is ideal for such appliances as microwave ovens (1000 ... more info

The Cobra 4-AWG Heavy-Duty AC Power Inverter Cable Kit is ideal for installing professional grade power inverters in vehicle or shop applications. This pack includes one 10-foot 4-gauge red power cable, one 10-foot 4-gauge black ground cable, and one 8-f ... more info

Recoton is a global leader in the development and marketing of consumer electronic accessories, audio products and video gaming products. Recoton's more than 4, 000 products include highly functional accessories for audio, video, car audio, camcorder, mul ... more info

The Cobra CPI 880 is a 12 volt DC to 120 volt AC power inverter with 800 watts continuous power handling and 1600 Watts peak power. This unit contains a 5 volt USB output, modified sine wave, thermal shutdown, reverse polarity protection, low voltage shu ... more info

The Cobra CPI 480 is a 12-Volt DC to 120-Volt AC power inverter that provides 400 Watts of power handling and 800 Watts of peak power. This unit comes equipped with two grounded AC receptacles and a 5-Volt USB output, allowing you to power and charge a wi ... more info

The Cobra CPI 2575 is a 12 volt DC to 120 volt AC power inverter with 2500 watts continuous power handling and 5000 Watts peak power. This unit contains a 5 volt USB output, modified sine wave, thermal shutdown, reverse polarity protection, low voltage s ... more info

The new, compact STP-1000 provides 1000 watts of AC power to give you the current to run anything from a cell phone charger to a small TV; including work lights, drills, vacuums, laptops, fax machines, soldering irons, and more. Main FeaturesManufacturer: ... more info

Get the power you need whenever you need it with this compact inverter. This power inverter features 600 watt peak and 2 AC outlets. Handy essential lets you harness the power of your vehicle's battery to charge or power cell phones, laptops, iPods and ot ... more info

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