Top 20 Best Selling Power Attenuators Electric Guitar Amplifiers (2021)

The RockCrusher is invaluable and unbeatably versatile because you can place it between your amp and speaker cab as a power attenuator, or use it in place of your speaker cabinet as a load box while sending its balanced XLR or unbalanced 1/4 line out to a ... more info

Ever miked up a drum kit, soloed one of the microphones, and heard a CRAZY amount of cymbal bleed coming through? Well, that's to be expected... right? As tight as microphone pickup patterns can be, there's still going to be spillage. But with the Primaco ... more info

The worlds first re-amplifier / attenuator. This device will take any amplifier from 1 to 100 watts and either attenuate or boost, from whisper quiet in the bedroom, to 100 plus blaring watts in the club. Two foot switchable volumes controls allow for rhy ... more info

This is the new PB-1 100 Watt Attenuator This post is for the RED surface color Attenuation: This is a rotary switch that selects the amount of attenuation. Min position is true by卢pass. Positions 4-1 adds 1.8 dB of attenuation per click. Studio Level ... more info

The Radial Headload Guitar Amp Load Box is a 100% discrete guitar amp load box that lets you attenuate the output of the guitar amplifier so that it can be driven hard for improved tone without being overly loud on stage or in the studio. The built-in JDX ... more info

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