Top 20 Best Selling Potato Ricers Potato Mashers & Ricers (2021)

This handy Potato Ricer will have you racing through ricing your potatoes in no time. Made of heavy duty plastic, this ricer features comfort-contoured handles, a pot extension to hook to the side of your pot and two interchangeable stainless steel plates ... more info

Rest the Potato Ricer on a pot or bowl and squeeze the soft handles together for perfectly mashed potatoes. Strong stainless steel makes this Ricer sturdy, and a non-slip knob holds it in place on any pot or bowl. Make your own baby food by ricing fruits ... more info

A distinctively sleek design is not the only notable feature about Culina Potato Ricer. Constructed with a fortified plastic material, it is reliably strong and gets the job done. Thanks to extra perforations of the ricing dish, you will obtain perfectly ... more info

The FreshForce Potato (Ricer) Press makes prepping mashed potatoes a breeze! Unlike other presses, the FreshForce Potato (Ricer) Press has an extra gear mechanism that increases ricing power and minimizes hand strain. Easy to squeeze handles. Stainless st ... more info

Potato ricers incorporate air into your boiled potatoes, making them light and fluffy. This is a quick and easy way to make smooth and lump free, perfect mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, apples, pears and carrots for any occasion. Holds 2.5 cups/20 ounc ... more info

Harold's Kitchen Chrome Potato Ricer makes lighter, fluffier, lump-free mashed potatoes. Two interchangeable discs mean you can control the texture of the dish. Also great for cooked apples, sweet potatoes, chestnuts, carrots, cauliflower or any other v ... more info

Trudeau's stainless steel ricer is ideal for making light and fluffy mashed potatoes, vegetables and fruit pur茅es. Ricer features two interchangeable discs and a non-scratch rim rest. Made of high quality stainless steel. Dishwasher safe. 5-Year warranty. ... more info

How a Simple Kitchen Gadget Can Produce Blue Ribbon Mashed Potatoes While Saving You Time and Effort. Three Important Features to Consider Before You Purchase Any Ricer - Size: A 25% larger bucket than average allows for larger amounts per cycle saving v ... more info

This potato ricer is perfect for light, fluffy mashed potatoes, chunky or smooth applesauce, or coarse or fine mashed vegetables ... more info

Top chefs agree only a ricer can produce the perfect texture for mashed potatoes and other root vegetables. In a single stroke, the Kuhn Rikon swiss-designed ricer gently extrudes long, light strands through either of two stainless steel disks. Use the di ... more info

* Use mounted on wall or table top * Heavy duty aluminum frame with cast iron handle * Trough and cutting edge are stainless steel, frame, pusher and cutting block are rust proof ... more info

This Ricer/Fruit Press from Fox run comes with a fine and a coarse stainless steel inserts. Used to puree fruits, veggies, or potatoes. Overall dimensions: 4-1/2-inch H by 10-inch W by 3-1/4-inch D. ... more info

If you've watched a few cooking shows you've probably seen one of these in action. Many professional chefs swear by this method of ricing rather than mashing potatoes. This is an excellent device for straining tomatoes and fruits as well-great for homemad ... more info

Efficient, high yield output. Ridged, rubber insets for soft grip handle and rest positions for pots and bowls. Disassemble for easy cleaning. Press cooked potatoes, peeled or unpeeled quickly and easily. ... more info

Ricing potatoes makes them fluffier than whipping them does. This heavy-duty large portion stainless potato ricer holds large portions of boiled potatoes so you can rice faster. ... more info

Feature: 聽Brand聽New聽and聽Made聽from聽stainless聽steel. 聽Easy聽way聽to聽make聽perfectly聽smooth聽mashed聽potato聽and聽puree聽vegetables聽or聽fruit, 聽it聽can聽also聽be聽used聽for聽juicing聽fruits聽and聽making聽your聽own聽homemade聽baby聽food 聽Ideal聽for聽light,聽fluffy聽mashed聽potatoes,聽ch ... more info

Founded in Solingen Germany by Artur Schmitz in 1923, the story of Kuchenprofi is one of dilligence, innovation and refinement. Early on, Kuchenprofi realized the need for affordable functional tools that make the kitchen more efficient and more enjoyable ... more info

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