Top 20 Best Selling Postal Scales Other Office Equipment (2021)

This sleek Electronic Luggage Scale is small and handy with room temperature display when press on the unit button. It is easy to store, carry and convenient for traveler. With the rubber paint handle it gives a comfortable grip when using the ... more info

Shipping and mailing can’t get any easier with the Smart Weigh Digital Postal Scale! Created to combine the latest technology with superior quality that will make your shipping tasks smooth and efficient. Unique Hold Function! This ... more info

WeighMax 75 lbs postal scales were designed for weighing both letters and packages. With an accuracy of 0.2 ounces, it is fully capable of weighing first class letters for the post office. These digital postage scales feature mode switching, tare and hold ... more info

Smart Weigh Versatile Digital Scale – PL11B Description: The PL11B is a perfect Versatile Digital Scale for precious weighing for all kind of items or objects such as food, coins, jewelry, gold, silver, or postal products.  It has a capaci ... more info

Never Pay Unexpected Overweight Bag Fees Again Traveling has never been more expensive or stressful. Why worry about your bags at check-in, getting stung with extra fees and facing the embarrassment of repacking in public? The Highly Accurate and Extremel ... more info

Fed up with having to pay an EXTRA $50, $75, or $100 in overweight baggage fees at the airport? Then look no further... Luggage Lifesaver High Precision Digital Luggage Scale - The Only Portable Baggage Scale You'll EVER Need! Avoid hassles at the check ... more info

Smart Weigh Gems Digital Scale – GEM20 Description: The GEM20 Digital Scale is a perfect scale for weighing jewels or any kind of small precious objects, such as coins, gemstones, jewelry, gold, silver, etc, and it is extremely accurate. I ... more info

Smart Weigh Digital Scale – SWS100 Description: The SWS100 would be the right scale for those seeking a high-tech, portable pocket scale, it’s durable and compact. The Digital Scale is perfect for precious weighing on-the-go for all kind o ... more info

Accuteck postal scale is most top quality and practical design scale among several thousands of postal scales. With a capacity of up to 85 lbs, you can use it for both small packages and large heavy packages. It is improved with large weighing platform, r ... more info

Have you ever wondered before mailing out a sizable letter or merchandise, how much does this weigh? Does this exceed the minimal weight for standard mailing? Well, good news for you! WeighMax introduces the new digital postal scale to answer your questio ... more info

The ps-25 is a tabletop scale, great for weighing envelopes and small packages. It features a letter/mailing tube stand built into the platform. This scale includes 2 x aa alkaline batteries, as well as, an ac-adapter. ... more info

Easy to carry it in a pocket or handbag for weighting on travel. Specifications: Color: Black Capacity & accuracy: 50kg * 10g Units: g, kg, lb, oz Back light: Blue backlight Display: LCD display Power supply: 2 * AAA batteries Auto off: 30s Material: AB ... more info

When you first turn on the scale, it will dispaly several dashes on the screen, wait until it comes to zero then you can weigh the item. ... more info

9Volt batteries included/ 9V A/C adaptor included, Auto Off feature, Measuring units: Pounds , Kilograms ... more info

The new bt2-series improves on the original bt-series touchscreen scale by adding a flip-open protective cover, which can also be removed to use as an expansion tray. the rubberized black and silver exterior also give the scale a much more elegant look. ... more info

The LW Measurement platform scale is made for the busy warehouse. The stainless steel platform will handle packages up to 400 lbs and weigh them in 0.1 lb increments. The extra large weighing platform allows you to weigh the largest of boxes. This scale i ... more info

ONE Brand New 500g Calibration Weight Use this weight to accurately calibrate your digital pocket scales. ... more info

This 88 lbs capacity is made for the busy traveler. The scale is design to fit your hand comfortably. The design makes it easy to read the bright back lite display. The quick release strap easily adjust to any size handle. The auto-hold feature helps lock ... more info

Bigger Weighing Platform Our weighing platform is 24% larger than most scales measuring 8 3/4 x 7 1/8. Please see the picture above showing the size of another scale compared to ours. Other Great Features Below are some of the features this scale has othe ... more info

Xtro 330 WeighMax Xtro 330 is a high end industrial scale weight up to 330.0 lb / 75.0 kg with a wired remote display for easy reading. The stainless steel platform is designed especially for weighing large and heavy objects. Xtro 150 is the perfect digi ... more info

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