Top 20 Best Selling Pool Stain Removers Chemicals & Water Testing Products (2021)

View Larger OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover Remove stains on the spot. All around your home. There鈥檚 dirt in your carpet, grease on your shirt, and juice on the couch? Good thing OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover treats it all. Activated by water, ... more info

THE ALL-NATURAL WAY TO ELIMINATE STAINING TO POOL LINERS AND FINISHES!Ideal for treating stains on vinyl pool liners and fiberglass pools. Ascorbic acid based, which is similar to everyday Vitamin C. A safe alternative to harsh chemicals typically used to ... more info

Purity Pool is a family business founded in 1961 by an experienced pool service professional. Since all Purity Pool Products were designed first for professional use, durability and efficiency have always been top priorities. The Out Spot is a self-contai ... more info

Rid O' Rust 1 gallon liquid rust stain remover. One gallon will treat approximately 400 square feet. Safe for use on concrete, vinyl, asphalt, brick, stone, wood, virtually any exterior surface. Safe for plants when used as directed. Simply spray, watch s ... more info

Liquid formula prevents stains from dissolved metals including iron, copper and manganese. Also prevents scale formation from excess calcium in water. 12.5% 2-phosphono-1,2,4-butanetricarboxylic acid. ... more info

This Natural Chemistry extra strength stain free is an all natural stain remover that contains a blend of industrial strength ascorbic acid. It quickly removes metal staining without adding phosphates to your water. Tough on old set-in stains. Compatible ... more info

JMPURPLE032 Size: 32 Ounce Features: -Purple stuff.-Refer to attached Specification Sheet before use.-Salt chlorine generator pools.-Prevent scaling of the cells and extends cells life.-Performs in high TDS condition.-Sequestrate for salt pools: 1 qt. per ... more info

The only way to permanently remove copper, iron, manganese, cobalt, nickel, silver, lead, and zinc. Simply place a CuLator PowerPak in the skimmer basket, as water passes over the PowerPak, metals are trapped inside the bag. Non-toxic, works in fresh, har ... more info

CuLator Metal Remover and Stain Preventer for Pools and Spas is the only way to immediately and permanently remove metals, such as copper, iron, lead, silver, nickel, manganese, and cobalt from salt and fresh water pools. This non-toxic, biodegradable met ... more info

Prevents and aids in the removal of copper and metal stains on all pool finishes. Professional strength pool stain chemical works well in high chlorine levels Initial Dosage: 32 oz per 10,000 gallonsMaintenance Dosage: 6-8 oz per 10,000 gallons bi-weekly ... more info

This pool stain treat has the strength to remove stains from any kind of swimming pool. It is a sequestrate and a chelator. Great for any pool surface. Perfect for start-up stain prevention. Safe and It is easy to use. Compatible with baquacil and soft sw ... more info

Concentrated Stain & Scale Preventer is an excellent product for fresh fill pools. Stain & Scale Preventer keeps scale from forming at the waterline, along rockwork and inside the equipment. It also prevents metals such as iron and copper from falling out ... more info

Rid O' Rust 12 oz. powdered rust stain remover. Mix with 1 gallon of water to make enough rust stain remover to treat approximately 400 square feet. Safe for use on concrete, vinyl, asphalt, brick, stone, wood, virtually any exterior surface. Safe for pla ... more info

Super Stain Treat is your hero for all types of swimming pool stains Super Stain Treat is a patented stain remover that will rescue your swimming pool from the toughest stains. It's concentrated and patented formula removes the most stubborn pool stains ... more info

This stain treatment solution is an all-natural formula for the removal of metal stains from pool surfaces. Can be used in vinyl and fiberglass pools. Effectively removes tannin, organic, copper, iron and manganese stains from pool surfaces. Phosphate-fre ... more info

Take Action To Prevent Pool Discoloration and Staining due to Trace Metals!Highly effective metal deactivation agent. Prevents staining and discoloration from iron and copper that may be in pool water. Ideal for swimming pools with well water. Does not ra ... more info

This Natural Chemistry spa metal free is a powerful chelating agent that quickly deactivates stain-causing metals. The phosphate-free formula prevents staining and water discoloration caused by iron, copper and other trace metals. Does not add phosphates. ... more info

PERFECT FOR REMOVING TOUGH SCUM MARKS!Quickly scrub away pool vinyl liner and pool tile stains! Convenient right handed Scrubbing Mitt keeps pool cleaning chemicals away from your skin. ... more info

SUPER TILE AND VINYL CLEANER REMOVES TOUGH SCUM MARKS!Alkaline-based cleaner removes scum marks, calcium deposits and scale formation! Great for vinyl liners, pool tile -- virtually any surface! Works great on oil and grease build-up caused by skin and su ... more info

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