Top 20 Best Selling Pool Clarifiers & Enzymes Chemicals & Water Testing Products (2021)

PHOSfree easily reduces phosphate levels to near zero. Normal sanitizer levels will prevent algae growth. ... more info

Powerful water clarifier produces and maintains crystal clear pool water without affecting pH balance or other chemicals. Its thick, highly concentrated formulation is designed to clear cloudy water FAST. ... more info

COVERfree is an advanced mono-layer technology that helps save water and money by decreasing evaporation. It reduces water evaporation by up to 85% and reduces heat loss by as much as 70%. ... more info

START THE POOL SEASON RIGHT WITH THE ULTIMATE POOL OPENING CHEMICALS KIT!Formulated for any pool up to 35,000 gallons. Contains Natural Chemistry's Phos-Free which starves algae by eliminating all phosphates from the water and virtually eliminates the cha ... more info

Super Floc quickly alleviates extreme cloudy pool problems that may exceed a clarifier's capability. This unique formula works by settling debris to the bottom of the pool where it can be vacuumed to the filter or removed from the pool (vac to waste). ... more info

The Pool Blaster Powered Leaf Vac is a battery powered leaf remover for pools and ponds. Completely self-contained and does not require the use of a garden hose! Instead, its on-board Motor, Transmission and Safety Clutch combine with a unique super-sucti ... more info

This natural clarifier outperforms other clarifiers at removing dirt and oil from pool water. When used regularly, this exclusive formula decreases excess metals and keeps filters cleaner, longer. Naturally clarifies cloudy water. Compatible with all sani ... more info

This Natural Chemistry pool perfect plus phosfree is a natural product that reduces phosphates and organic waste to near zero in your pool. Use it to make your water feel soft and silky while preventing problems like scum lines, organic staining, surface ... more info

This treatment solution is proven to be more effective and reliable than other phosphate removers. The new lower dose is specifically formulated for controlled removal of orthophosphates. Effective 1 quart removes at least 3,000 ppb of orthophosphates in ... more info

This scum ball helps to eliminate scum and grime from pool or spa. Its specially patented foam absorbs 43 times its weight in body oils and suntan lotions which improves filtration. Prolongs pool and spa filter life. Float the scum ball in your pool or sp ... more info

Phosphates enter the water from sources like leaves, decaying plant matter, acid rain, waste, and sweat. PHOSfree by Natural Chemistry virtually eliminates these bad phosphates. A phosphate-free pool ensures clean and sanitized pool water. ... more info

4 PACK - United Chemical No Mor Problems NMP-C12 No more algae No more shocking No more brushing No more clarifiers No Mor Problems is a patented formula that is registered as an E.P.A. algicide. It was engineered after 30 years of field experience. The ... more info

Swimmer's Choice Clarifier 32 Ounce is a concentrated formula that clears cloudy water and will not affect pH. ... more info

The HTH 4-pound Green To Blue Shock System transforms your green water to a clear, sparkling sea of blue in 24 hours. Your pool will once again be blue. 2 Treatments For 5,000 Gallons. 1 Treatment For 10,000 Gallons. Active Ingredient-Aluminum Chloride 10 ... more info

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