Top 20 Best Selling Pool Algaecides Chemicals & Water Testing Products (2021)

Natural Chemistry's Pool Perfect+PHOSfree provides pool owners with an effective dual-action treatment to help remove phosphates, and use natural enzymes to keep water clean and healthy. Pool Perfect+PHOSfree natural enzymes keep water clear of non-living ... more info

This 90 day algae prevention and remover controls all types of algae in pools. Each treatment will last three months. Use 16 fluid ounce 10000-gallon of pool water to prevent algae growth in all pool types. For severe algae treatment use 32 fluid ounce pe ... more info

The Floatron kills algae and is a safer and economical alternative to the chemical marinade of most pools. It is solid state with no moving parts, no batteries and is portable and cost-effective. The mineral electrode depletes after 1 to 3 seasons (depend ... more info

Algaecide 60 Plus is a non-metallic, non-foaming, low-odor polymer-based algaecide that kills all types of algae. Whether you're experiencing pink algae, black algae or green algae, Algaecide 60 Plus will get rid of it. Experience even greater results whe ... more info

High-quality copper algaecide eliminates most types of algae in a matter of hours. Super Algaecide is not only effective, it's safe, you can swim immediately after treatment! Due to its high concentration (active ingredient is 7% chelated copper) Super A ... more info

Yellow Algae Remover is used when yellow/mustard algae is present. The granular sodium bromide formulation is used with chlorine to enhance the ability to destroy algae and expedite the clearing process. Yellowtrine dissolves quickly and leaves to residue ... more info

NOT CURRENTLY FOR SALE IN CA. Pool RX Extreme is a Unit made to naturally kill bacteria and algae growth from swimming pools thus reducing chemical consumption and making maintenance easier. ... more info

2 PACK - United Chemical No Mor Problems NMP-C12 No more algae No more shocking No more brushing No more clarifiers No Mor Problems is a patented formula that is registered as an E.P.A. algicide. It was engineered after 30 years of field experience. The ... more info

NON-TOXIC YELLOW OUT CLEANS UP ALGAE QUICKLY!Cleans up algae gently without the use of harsh chemicals that can damage and stain pool surfaces.Yellow-out safely rids your pool of green, yellow, brown and pink algae.Initial Dosage: 2 lbs. per 15,000 gallon ... more info

Non-foaming algaecide kills and prevents all types of algae and slime growth. Spa Algaecide is compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide sanitizers. Initial Treatment: For visible algae growth or slimy interior surface, add 6-8-ounce per 500 ... more info

Algatec is a strong, highly effective algaecide that provides superior cleanup action with all types of chlorine and non-chlorine based sanitizers. Algatec is a strong, highly effective dual-action algaecide that quickly kills all types of green algae. Th ... more info

Pool Mate Algaefree 50 is an excellent all-around algaecide treatment. A 50% quaternary algaecide, this product prevents algae formation, destroys all types of algae, will not cause staining and controls algae slime in swimming pools. This product's conce ... more info

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