Top 20 Best Selling Plumb Bobs Measuring & Layout Tools (2021)

PO47-973 Features: -Brass plumb bob.-Replaceable, hardened steel tip is long-lasting (8 oz size comes with an extra tip).-Screw top simplifies attaching string to center of plumb.-Through hole ensures easy tightening. Construction: -Polished-lacquer, sol ... more info

PZB-400GP Features: -Plumb bob.-Elastomer wrapped universal plumb bob setter with commercial grade.-New steel reinforced setting pin to be used with a hammer when tacking into wood and drywall at heights above head.-Strong magnet for attaching to steel fr ... more info

Universal plumb bob setter with commercial grade 14 oz. bob. Setting pin for wood and drywall surfaces, strong magnet for steel frames. Adjustable hook ratchets to cinch onto beams or hook onto nails or studs. Braided nylon line extends and holds at lengt ... more info

Our Steel Plumb Bobs feature a hexagonal body of cold-drawn steel with nickel plating. Each item includes a 10ft braided cord and a removable cap for adjusting and replacing the cord. Available in three sizes. ... more info

This 8 Oz. brass plumb bob is made of solid brass and has a lacquered finish to resist corrosion. It ties easily to any string or line. Great for surveyors for lining up points or transferring them. Excavation and foundation contractors rely upon the plum ... more info

2721-2257 Features: -Screw top to easily attach string to center of plumb.-Longer slender profile for easy storage.-Replaceable, hardened, steel tip for longer life.-Thru hole for easy tightening.-1 lb.-Carded. Includes: -Additional tip included. Constru ... more info

182-590GME Features: -For checking amount of liquid left in tank.-Blunt point.-Graduated in 1/8'' reading upward.-Graduated in millimeters with centimeters numbered.-Wt.: 20 oz.-Dia.: 1 in.-Shape: Round.-Tip Type: Cone.-Price is for 1 Each. Dimensions: -O ... more info

Includes 16 Ounce Brass Plumb Bob - 11-552 ... more info

Use to ensure the baulk side of your dig site remains vertical. Hardened steel point. 12 oz. ... more info

Unique plumb bob features a quick-stabilizing cap that reduces bob wobble and spin. Bob also featured embedded elastomer side bumpers and a thick tip guard. Adjustable for bobs weighing from 3.5 oz to 35 oz. Use Tajima Plumb-Rite bobs PQB600, PQB400, PQB3 ... more info

Weight (Ounce): 20-Ounce Material: Brass Length (ft.): 6 3/4-Inch Width (Inch): 1-Inch Other Description: Cylindrical, Reads Up. ... more info

272-932BR Features: -Tip Material: Steel. Color/Finish: -Tip Finish: Corrosion Resistant. ... more info

PZB-300 Features: -Plumb bob.-Setting pin for wood and drywall.-Strong magnet for steel frames.-Adjustable hook ratchets to cinch onto beams or hook onto nails or studs.-Carded.-Capacity: 10 Ounces. Dimensions: -1.5 H x 5.88 W x 11 D, 1.1 lbs. ... more info

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