Top 20 Best Selling Plum Sauce Asian (2021)

MINOR'S Sweet and Spicy Plum ready-to-use sauce contains rich and sweet plums balanced with spicy wasabi and soy flavor to give this classic sauce a flavor that鈥檚 as unique as it is irresistible. MINOR'S has a 60-year heritage and has continued to pionee ... more info

A delicious blend of sweet and spicey that will make your mouth water! It's an essential for any pantry! ... more info

Product of Japan. The Ume plum, from trees that have never known chemicals in remote mountain orchards. Made of pureed, pickled umeboshi. Imparts a tangy, salty, sour flavor to salad dressings, sauces, soups, and sushi. Try it on corn on the cob instead o ... more info

Made from preserved Chinese plums, ginger and chili, this sauce is a must with roast duck and other roasted meat dishes. ... more info

Our mission is to be the leader in importing and marketing superior quality specialty foods under our Roland brand and other brands, and to perform in all areas of our organization at levels that exceed the expectations of our customers. We strive to fost ... more info

Tiger Tiger Plum Dipping Sauce is made from the finest natural ingredients. A sweet and tangy taste sensation that is perfect with both meat and vegetables, works especially well with deep fried food. May also be used as a barbecue sauce or as a stir-fry ... more info

An authentic Chinese Cooking & Dipping Sauce. ... more info

Koon Chun plum sauce is a sweet and sour sauce which is made from selected plums, chilies, and ginger. It is the most popular sauce for dipping roast goose and grilled or roasted meats. It is also widely used in marinated and stir-fried dishes. It is a de ... more info

MARIKO Tkemali is the Georgian name for the cherry plum, as well as a sauce made of cherry plums. Tkemali is made from both red and green varieties of plum. The flavor of the sauce varies between sweet and pungently tart. Traditionally the following ingre ... more info

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