Top 20 Best Selling Playstation 3 (PS3) Hardware Accessory Kits (2021) Reviews

Get these top rated ps3 hardware accessories kits to enhance your ps3 gaming experience.

The officially Sony licensed PS3 Eye Camera Mounting Clip conveniently mounts the PlayStation Eye camera on flat panel televisions. The clip holds the EYE camera in perfect position for Move gameplay and features a wide range of adjustable settings for va ... more info

The Dual Triggers for the PS3 Sixaxis controller provides extra grip, comfort and leverage for gamers. We know that things can get intense in the heat of battle. These triggers add just a bit of height and are concave enough to keep your fingers from slip ... more info

For Move Games (Time Crisis, The Shoot, Resident Evil 5, Toy Story) / 1 hand pistol or 2 handed navigating grip / Includes sub-controller attachment Light up numerical pressure indicator Race Mode Switch Joystick Switch for dual access Full rotation ... more info

Ideal for shooting games on the PS3 that use the PS3 Move Motion Controller and PS3 Move Navigation Controller. Textured grip for added control and comfort. Break-Away Design allows you to modify the gun's appearance. Lightweight design allows you to play ... more info

Ideal for shooting games on the PS3 that use the PS3 Move Motion Controller. Textured grip for added control and comfort. Hidden PS3 Move Motion controller design with quick release lid. Colorful, polycarbonate lids are great for defining player style. Li ... more info

For PS3 users that crave heavy artillery, look no further than the Submachine Gun for the PlayStation Move. It has the size and weight that serious military gamers have long been clamoring for. Plus it can be easily adjusted to resemble firearms from most ... more info

This is a slim High Speed USB 2.0 4 Port Hub. It easily adds four more high speed USB ports to your laptop or PC/MAC. It's great for most low-power USB peripheries, USB mouse, USB keyboard, USB web camera, USB sound card, etc. This 4 port USB hub is the ... more info

Get in the game like you’ve never before! The PlayStation Move allows for an unparalleled degree of immersion, but to be truly prepared for the competition, serious gamers will absolutely need the Professional Sports Kit For Sport Champions. On the field ... more info

Lock and load with the PlayStation Move shooting attachment. The shooting attachment for the PlayStation Move motion controller is perfect for arcade style shooting games. Its light weight and ergonomic design makes it ideal for hours of play. ... more info

Specifically for Sony Sports Champions Bundle: Move Bow controller (Bow Game), Move Sword & Shield (Gladiator Duel), Move Table Tennis (Ping Pong) Light up numerical pressure indicator Race Mode Switch Joystick Switch for dual access Full rotational ... more info

The Ultimate Boxing Gloves for The PlayStation Move Controllers are perfect for motion control gamers that want to add even more realism to their gaming experiences. With these Boxing Gloves, you get the authentic feel and motion of being in real a boxing ... more info

Make the PlayStation 3 the center of your home entertainment setup with the Media Hub Slim for PlayStation 3. The Media Hub Slim features 4 USB ports, doubling the amount of USB ports on the console, allowing for additional controllers, MP3 players and ot ... more info

The Move Blaster Pro is designed for the shooters being developed and released for the new Playstation 3 Move Motion and Navigation Controllers. It adds a more immersive element, by allowing for the player to hold a shotgun shaped peripheral, that positio ... more info

In the middle of a marathon game session, playing with a “stock” controller simply isn’t good enough. You need to customize with Geltabz! Made of a hybrid silicone that is engineered for performance, Geltabz is an easily applied grip for your analog stick ... more info

With the look of an assault rifle and lightweight construction for ease of use, this accessory allows gamers to get down on the floor in full sniper pose and wreak havoc in their favorite first-person shooter games, including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, ... more info

Cleaner is specifically design to safely clean PS3 game systems. 10-brush plus pocket cylcone clean process includes 10 flexible brushes strategically placed in a cyclone formation for optimal cleaning. Its unique Zero-Clearance technology allows each bru ... more info

CTA DIGITAL WI-GCK 3 in 1 Guitar Hero and Rock Band Kit. Thrash out to some bone crushing metal tunes on your Guitar Hero or Rockband game then pack up and go back on the road with the 3 in 1 guitar bag kit from CTA Digital. Headbangers, rockers, or just ... more info

A 19-piece toolkit that contains everything you need in order to disassemble all the latest consoles such as Wii, DSi, PS3, XBOX 360 and PSP 3000. Of course, we havent forgotten about classic console owners therefore this kit also includes tools for openi ... more info

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