Top 20 Best Selling Playstation 3 (PS3) Headsets (2021) Reviews

Top rated PS3 headsets to enhance your ps3 gaming experience. Popular ps3 headsets brands are Sony, Turtle Beach, Logitech, Sharkoon, MadCatz etc.

The Bluetooth Headset leverages advances in voice technology to bring next generation features to the PLAYSTATION 3 system. It features High-Quality (HQ) mode which provides wide-band and dual microphone input to enable accurate speech recognition require ... more info

The Ear Force PX21 integrates premium stereo game sound with crystal-clear communication on the PlayStation Network (PSN), XBOX LIVE and PC/Mac to create the definitive audio environment for playing popular game titles on all platforms. The PX21 is two he ... more info

Experience superior comfort and audio clarity with the Logitech USB Headset for PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. The digital USB audio processor and noise-canceling microphone produce crystal-clear sound and high-quality voice input for command recognitio ... more info

Sophisticated in design and technology โ€“ with the X-Tatic SP you gain a state-of-the-art stereo gaming headset giving you the crucial sound advantage for epic gaming sessions on your PlayStation3 or Xbox 360 or PC. Simply connect the X-Tatic SP to your ga ... more info

Immerse yourself in dynamic surround sound while enjoying crystal-clear communication on the PlayStation Network with the Ear Force DPX21 Headset for the PlayStation 3. An integrated in-line amplifier keeps audio controls and a mic mute within easy reach. ... more info

Introducing the AX Pro - the most versatile gaming headset in the world. Finally, a true Surround Sound headset with a microphone that will work with your PS3, Xbox 360, and PC/Mac. For the audio or movie enthusiast, the AX Pro is also compatible with any ... more info

Introducing the Tritton AX 720 high performance gaming audio system. Specifically designed for the XBox and PS3 systems, the AX 720 delivers superior voice communication while creating an immersive 3D surround sound environment utilizing Dolby Digital and ... more info

The included charging cradle allows for convenient charging and storage of the headset ... more info

The PS3 Game Talk Wireless Headset features a comfortable over the ear design with padded for extended game play use. Adjustable boom microphone fits on either ear. Up to 8 hours of talk time on a single charge. ... more info

Tritton Technologies, known for designing and building the best gaming headsets on earth, delivers an affordable precision audio headset โ€“ the AX 180. Designed specifically for the XBOX and PS3, the balanced speakers provide rich, full stereo audio while ... more info

DARKLITE Bluetooth Headset EX01 has been exclusively designed for gamers and gaming, not mobile phones! So you can now maximize your game time without an irritating and uncomfortable earpiece! The EX01 was design specifically with comfort in mind, in fa ... more info

The Turtle Beach Ear Force PBT is a Bluetooth communicator device for the PlayStation 3. It allows wireless connectivity to the PS3 for live chat with others over the PlayStation Network. The PBT is unique because unlike other Bluetooth communicators, in ... more info

Award wining X-Tatic Gaming Headset: the Dolby certified X-Tatic Digital. This high-quality headset features four speakers per earpiece a total of eight speakers and volume controls built into the cable. Through the included Sound Control Unit, the X-Tati ... more info

The EX-01 Wirless Headset has been exclusively designed for gamers and gaming, not mobile phones. So you can now maximise your game time without an irritating, uncomfortable earpiece, and still hear your opponent creeping up behind you! Not only is the EX ... more info

Take advantage of the voice chat features of the PlayStation 3 system with this Bluetooth 2.0 headset. This compact, lightweight headset has a long 30 foot range and the versatility to be used in either ear. The headset is compatible with Bluetooth 1.1-en ... more info

Without Retail packaging Works for both Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 Voice command through the microphone. Audio input through the headphone Noise canceling microphone to minimize outside interference Form fitting headset designed for comfort and long ... more info

Communicate with precision and style while gaming on the PlayStation 3. Our unique headset uses a throat microphone, which is sensitive enough to pick up whispers, yet clear enough for everyone to hear you in the game environment. This works great in a si ... more info

Lightweight, ergonomic design with padded comfort earpad allows comfortable play for any sized gamer. Just plug your Mad Catz PS3 HeadCOM Pro into the PS3 USB slot for talking trash to your fearful opponent. The Mad Catz PS3 HeadCOM Pro features an ear pi ... more info

Keep your head in the game and your hands at the controls with the Komodo Bluetooth Wireless Headset for Playstation 3. Its lightweight design fits securely over your ears, so you never again have to worry about the tell-tale feel of a headset slipping of ... more info

Which PS3 Gaming Headsets to Buy?
If your desktop/laptop computer supports Bluetooth, it’s wiser to get a wireless/bluetooth headset. If not, usb wireless are just as good, and usually comes at a cheaper price compared to wireless headsets.

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