Top 20 Best Selling Player Equipment Complete Sticks (2021)

STX Fiddle STX Mini Super Power Stick KitSTX FiddleSTX Mini Super Power Lacrosse Stick Kit includes two mini-sized 36 sticks and one soft ball. The sticks are constructed with a plastic handle for durability and come with a soft mesh pocket to catch, crad ... more info

Molded with softer material for forgiving response and enhanced learning experience Wide face makes catching easier Flat scoop helps player scoop through ground balls Soft mesh pocket is easy to maintain Complete stick only - includes AMP shaft ... more info

Standard lacross stick option with some serious style for new players just learning to play the game. ... more info

STX Fiddle STX Seven Player Game SetFiddleSTX: The world's most popular lacrosse mini stick game is ideal for young players, and fun for indoor and outdoor play!Features:6 Mini Field Player Complete Ssticks1 Mini Goalie Stick6 Soft Practice Balls1 Fiddle ... more info

Scaled down version of STX's most popular sticks. Includes: 1 Durable 3' x 3' PVC goal with sleeve net 2 Classic Fiddle Sticks 1 Mini goalie stick 2 Soft mini balls Instruction book and game play rules includedFiddleSTX The world's most popular lacrosse m ... more info

The STX Stinger Junior stick is designed for the youngest beginning lacrosse players ... more info

The premier entry level defense stick in the game of lacrosse. The AV8-U attack/midfield length stick is compliant under both NCAA and NFHS rules. ... more info

Enjoy the fun of the STX FiddleSTX 2-Pack game set. The FiddleSTX 2-Pack game set features two 30 inch min-sticks with plastic handles and a mini Proton + head and a mini Bionic head. Each head contains a soft mesh pocket and the set includes one soft ora ... more info

The elite girl's beginner stick in lacrosse. Designed for easy throwing and catching and picking up ground balls. ... more info

The STX Lacrosse AVA Junior is a complete stick built for youth players. The complete stick overall length is 36 inches which makes ball handling easier for younger and entry level players. ... more info

The STX Crux women's complete lacrosse stick offers accuracy and protection in one place. ... more info

Have some fun with friends with the Mini Evo 4 Lacrosse Stick from Warrior! This stick is a miniature replica of the popular, full-sized Evo 4 head. Its soft mesh pocket, aluminum handle and dual-color design make it an attractive stick. And since each st ... more info

The AV8 U Defense Complete Stick is the premier defensive stick in the game today. Developes proper techniques and key lacrosse fundamentals in young players. Lightweight, durable and easy to maintain with a soft coat mesh pocket. Easy catching and ball c ... more info

The STX Mini Eclipse Lacrosse Goalie Stick is perfect for backyard fun or helping young players work on their skill set. Following the design of the best selling Eclipse head, this goalie stick features a 39 overall length for easier handle. Soft mesh poc ... more info

The premier entry level defense stick in the game of lacrosse. The AV8-U defense length stick is regulation size for the men's defense position and is compliant under both NCAA and NFHS rules. ... more info

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