Top 20 Best Selling Plasma Cutters Welding Equipment (2020)

Hobart Plasma Stand Off Guide 233321 Genuine Hobart plasma stand off guide for your Hobart AirForce(tm) 250Ci, AirForce(tm) 500i or AirForce(tm) 700i plasma cutter. Stand off guide helps maintain consistent plasma arc length while cutting and helps extend ... more info

The Northern Industrial Plasma Cutter is a lightweight unit that features powerful inverter technology for smooth cutting. Handles almost any project you can throw at it, from mild steel to copper, brass, stainless and aluminum up to 3/8in. Cuts faster an ... more info

Brand new non-genuine 9-8215 plasma electrode for Thermal Dynamics. ... more info

Since 2000 Lotos聽operated by Zion Global LLC introduced Inverter Technology in welding and cutting machines. Lotos' latest high frequency inverter technology utilizes IGBT to deliver a far more constant, concentrated and precise current to the cutting sur ... more info

Lincoln Electric Welder 9 Historic Obsolete Decals 6-Year Outdoor Durable, Peel & Stick Applies Easily To Any Flat Solid Surface Decals Are 9 Wide x 3 Tall ... more info

The Thermal Dynamics 30-Amp Drag Tip is compatible with SL60 and SL100 1Torch Thermal Dynamics plasma torches and is suitable for all Cut Master series plasma cutters. Drag tip cutting is the preferred method of cutting light gauge metal up to 3/16 (4.8mm ... more info

Hypertherm 220816 Nozzle (Pack of 5) for PMX85/105/HRT/HRTs/MRT. Torch Series: Duramax. ... more info

Pack of 5 Genuine Hypertherm Electrodes. MADE IN USA ... more info

Hypertherm Finecut Nozzle for Powermax 65 and Powermax 85 ... more info

Easy starting with Pilot arc allows easy cutting of rusty and painted metals. - Cuts virtually any type of metal with ease. - Simple to use torches with inexpensive service parts and consumables. - High duty cycle @ 60 % of rated amperage capacity. - Exce ... more info

Thermal Dynamics(r) Plasma 2 Stage Air Filter Kit 9-9387 Genuine Thermal Dynamics(r) Two Stage Air Filter will remove moisture and contaminants from the air stream when using compressed air. The filter is capable of filtering to at least 5 microns. The fi ... more info

Thermal Arc W1003202 95S DC聽Stick Package WelderPart # W1003202The Thermal Arc W1003202 95S DC Stick provides Excellent Portability! Lightweight at under 10 lbs. with easy to carry shoulder strap.聽 Easy to use! Simple, user friendly set-up and operation.聽 ... more info

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