Top 20 Best Selling Pipes, Pipe Fittings & Accessories Rough Plumbing (2022)

Wax Free Toilet Seal Fits 3 Drain & All Floor Types, A Strong, Flexible Adhesive Creates A Strong Seal To The Bottom Of The Toilet, Accommodates Floors Raised Above The Toilet Flange By 3/4, Seals On Raised Floors, Wood, Tile, Linoleum & Carpet, Ideal For ... more info

Clear nontoxic, FDA and NSF listed compounds. Excellent resistance to a wide variety of chemicals, gases, and liquids. Can be used as a protective/insulating cover or as a drain line of all kinds. Maximum operating temperature is 175 F. Brittle temperatur ... more info

CR2025 lithium button cells are commonly used in car security (car alarm/keyfob batteries), organizer (backup battery for PDA such as Psion etc), glucometer, camera, electric thermometer, calculator, computer equipment (memory backup battery), toys, commu ... more info

3/4, Brass, Vacuum Breaker, Fits Any 3/4 Male Hose Thread Outlet, Break Off Attachment Screw For Permanent Installation, Hose Threads Comply With ANSI B1.20.7, CSA Certified, ASSE Approved. ... more info

Flex-drain 50110 flexible/expandable landscaping drain pipe, solid, 25-foot a solid pipe, appropriate in applications that involve moving water from one point to another (i.e. Away from downspouts). Does not allow water to seep in or out anywhere except p ... more info

LDR 520 2405SS Replacement Flexible 60-84 Handheld Shower Hose, Stainless SteelStainless Steel FinishFits standard handheld shower units1/2-Inch F.I.P fittings and washers includedEasy do-it-yourself installation instructionsLimited Lifetime WarrantyNeed ... more info

Product Features: * The most convenient pipe available for all premium tobacco smokers * Made of high quality anodized Aluminum with precise threading to avoid jams * Comes apart for easy cleaning! Quickly mobile! * This is the perfect gift for yoursel ... more info

10 Pack, 1/2 Pex Cinch Clamp, For Brass Barb Insert Pex Fittings, Use With Cinch Tool True Value #608-743, Quick & Reliable Connections, Immediate Pressure Testing, Connections Are NSF Listed Brass Inserts With Pure Copper Fastening Rings, Test Each Fitti ... more info

Flex-drain 53102 downspout adaptor, landscaping drain pipe adapter. This unit is 3 x 4 x 4. Available in both 3 x 4 x 4-inch and 2 x 3 x 4-inch sizes, it is used to connect your downspout to flex-drain, 4โ€ standard corrugated pipe, 4โ€ pvc, and most other ... more info

The PCTL01 pipe clamp adapter is a thermocouple accessory designed to easily grip pipes for quick temperature measurements. The rugged compact design allows for a secure connection even in crowded workspaces. The probe is thermally isolated from ambient t ... more info

Flex-drain 50710 flexible/expandable landscaping drain pipe, solid, 12-foot a solid pipe, appropriate in applications that involve moving water from one point to another (i.e. Away from downspouts). Does not allow water to seep in or out anywhere except p ... more info

Inox(TM) stainless steel shower hose features a total length of 78-inches. The double lock construction makes handling the hose flexible, and it won't kink like typical plastic hose. The inner pipe that carrying water is made of odorless, non-toxic polyur ... more info

Sold as each. For hot or cold pipes. Stops in-the-wall pipe banging & rattling, reducing strain on plumbing system joints. Replaces the need for air risers. 3/4 Female Swivel Hose. Thread x 3/4 Male Hose Thread. Manufacturer's number: 660-H. Country of or ... more info

This brass Orbit quick connect set comes with 2 garden hose fittings. Both garden hose connectors feature male and female threading for universal use on any water hose. With comfort grips, these garden hose connection valves are easy to use. Durable leak- ... more info

Now brighter than ever, the new GorillaTorch Flare 125 produces 125 lumens of attention-grabbing light to illuminate any target, freeing up your hands for more important tasks. With its flexible, wrapable legs and powerful magnetic feet, the GorillaTorch ... more info

The Merit Brass nipple is a schedule 40 welded stainless steel 304/304L pipe fitting with male National Pipe Taper (NPT) threads for connecting and extending female threaded pipes. The fitting has NPT threads for creating tighter seals than straight threa ... more info

905-212 - Febco 1 inch and 1-1/4 inch PVB Replacement Bonnet & Poppet Kit. DO NOT VOID YOUR PRODUCT WARRENTY BY USING NON-OEM PARTS!! See notice: ... more info

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