Top 20 Best Selling Pipe Clamps Pipes, Pipe Fittings & Accessories (2022)

The PCTL01 pipe clamp adapter is a thermocouple accessory designed to easily grip pipes for quick temperature measurements. The rugged compact design allows for a secure connection even in crowded workspaces. The probe is thermally isolated from ambient t ... more info

The H shaped foot assembly stabilizes the clamp in two dimensions giving dual-axis stability to the work piece and industry leading clearance from the work surface. ... more info

This 3/4 pipe clamp set incorporates standard Acme cut steel threaded screws for a securing hold and final tightening. The tail-stop features a multiple-disc-clutch for fast easy adjustments while holding work securely. Often considered the industry stand ... more info

1 split ring hanger. Allows for suspension of noninsulated stationary CTS pipe lines. Copper-plated for copper tubing that runs close to the ceiling or walls. For use with 3/8 threaded rod. 1 ... more info

This economical set turns your ordinary threaded pipes into super strong clamps, perfect for any home or professional workshop. Just attach a pair of fixtures to any length of 3/4-inch pipe, and you've got a clamp ready for anything. Adjustments are quick ... more info

The ATC2, K-type, pipe clamp thermocouple is used to take temperatures of medium to large pipes or any other cylindrical surface within its 3/8-Inch to 2 1/4-Inch jaw range. Using a pipe clamp thermocouple greatly facilitates taking superheat or sub cooli ... more info

This Pony庐 Pipe Clamp by Jorgensen庐 features a special deep-reach head, which allows you to micro-adjust your tightness from the outboard end of your clamp. The design is perfect for tight jobs where traditional pipe clamps may not work. (Pipe not include ... more info

The Makita 194385-5 2-piece clamp set is designed to be used with the SP6000K circular saw and one of the the guide rails either the 194368-5 or the 194367-7. Features:Holds guide rails or material firmly in placeUse with (SP6000K) series plunge saw& ... more info

Stabilize and elevate your workpiece with the Bessey 1/2 H-Style Pipe Clamp. Unique foot design provides dual-axis stability. Long legs raise your project off the work surface so tightening is easier. Large clamping surface ensures positive grip, and padd ... more info

Perforated, pre-punched 1/8'' diameter holes, and 3/4'' spacing. Bends or twists to conform to most configurations. Will not scratch or mar surfaces. Cut to desired length with knife or scissors. 3/4'' W. x x 25' L. Hanging bag. No. 33925: Size: 3/4'', Ma ... more info

New and improved design features 2-1/4 high jaws a half inch higher than standard pipe clamps! Ideal for use with our exclusive Pipe Clamp Bench Blocks (Rockler# 35359), providing a full 1 engagement with the workpiece on the lower clamp. 3/4 pipe sold s ... more info

Kohler Genuine Part, Under counter sink clips, for use with all under counter mounted sink. ... more info

The Aviditi 78016 Marine Grade #64 Hose Clamp for 4-Inch Internal Diameter Hose is made from 100% stainless steel. It is for marine or underground use. Features include: 2-1/2-inch to 4-1/2-inch range, 300 Series stainless steel band and housing; 305 Grad ... more info

The Aviditi 78005 Marine Grade #16 Hose Clamp for 1-Inch Internal Diameter Hose is made from 100% stainless steel. It is for marine or underground use. Features include: 13/16-inch to 1-1/2-inch range, 300 Series stainless steel band and housing; 305 Grad ... more info

Standard BAND-IT Banding Tool. For use on band widths of 3/16 to 3/4. Comes with a spin handle retaining ring to keep parts intact. Tensions over 2,400 lbs of force and cuts off the tail of the clamp being formed. Used to apply BAND-IT Stainless Steel Ban ... more info

Pinch clamp for use on 100psi 3/4 poly pipe - 100 clamps per bag ... more info

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