Top 20 Best Selling Pincushions Pins & Pincushions (2020)

A pin cushion provides a safe place to store pins. This bright tomato keeps your pins and needles safe and within reach the strawberry emery will help to keep them sharp and free of burrs that could snag your fabrics. ... more info

The Grabbit pin cushion is a must have in your sewing work area. ... more info

A magenta colored magnetic pin cushion. Pick up spilled pins in 1 easy step. Size: approximately 2.5x4.25. ... more info

BLUE FEATHER-Grabbit Pincushion is the perfect little tool for keeping all your pins and needles at hand. Pins stay put on the round plastic pin holder with a powerful magnetic field so no need to stop working to push pins into a cloth cushion. No more pi ... more info

A pin cushion provides a safe place to store pins. This novel designed sunflower one makes it easy for you to collect different pins when sewing. Really A good choice. ... more info

Lisbeth Dahl Silver Pincushion with Lavender Velour that measures 3.15-inch by 3.15-inch by 1.97-inch. Made of a brass material. Helps create a cozy and individual home environment ... more info

This instant design wall flannel allows you to arrange patchwork, quilt blocks and quilt sections on the Design Wall without pinning. Arrange and re-arrange as many times as you need. This is a great way to make sure your blocks create the design you wan ... more info

The Singer Slap On Wrist Pin Cushion is great for keeping pins handy. The band is adjustable so that if fits to any size wrists. ... more info

Singer Zipper Foot with Vertical Needles is used to apply zippers to garments and fabrics. The foot is hinged and adjustable for precision stitching when applying zippers. The zipper foot is also able to adjust so it is on the left or right side of the se ... more info

Dritz quilting heart pin cushion is an attractive little patch quilt heart pin cushion for the wrist. Featuring a strap with velcro closure allowing for adjustability. Colors vary between red, pink, and purple. Please note: if there is a color option, y ... more info

Pin Storage Box. Hidden transparent storage box with flip-top lid. Slides out of top magnetic dish for easy access. ... more info

Large tomato pin cushion holds twice as many pins! 4 wide with strawberry emery ideal for use with extra-long pins. ... more info

Lovely smile star design, the toss pillow will give out colorful color changing light when power on. Soft Plush surface offers comfortable touching feeling, and warm for winter holding. Nice gift for lover, friends or families in the Christmas day, Birthd ... more info

The Singer Fashion Pink Pin Cushion with Strawberry Emery helps to keep pins and needles in one convenient location for easy access. Insert pins and needles into the strawberry emery to sharpen points. ... more info

Ditz Wrist Pin Cushion which are small, simple and Keep your pins handy. For added comfort, plastic band can be replaced with elastic to fit your wrist. ... more info

Fons & Porter Pin Cushions are the perfect gift for sewing and quilting enthusiasts. Each pin cushion features divided color sections which are ideal for keeping pin and needles easily separated. ... more info

The Magnetic Pin Caddy aligns nickel-plated steel pins in a parallel direction for easy pick up. Groove allows you to easily remove one pin at a time. Includes removable storage box. Stored in bottom. ... more info

Red Tomato Pin Cushion keep pins and needles organized in a safe place. ... more info

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