Top 20 Best Selling Piercing Jewelry Body Jewelry (2022)

18 Piece 316L Surgical Steel Stainless Ear Taper Stretching Kit & 18 Piece 316L Surgical Steel Stainless Single O-Ring and single flare Tunnel Kit. Stretch your ears with our 18 piece 316L Surgical Steel Stainless Ear Taper Stretching Kit, start with size ... more info

No Other Ear Stretching Kits Neccessary. 72 TOTAL Pieces! Ear Gauges - Stainless Tapers 00g-14g, Stainless Tunnels 14g-00g, White Acrylic Plugs 14g-00g, Black Acrylic Plugs 14g-00g. Tapers, Tunnels and Plugs PLUS Lobe Lube Premium ear stretching lubricant ... more info

Ear Gauges Set - This is a great starter ear stretching kit and includes all of the ear tapers and plugs you need to stretch your ears from 14g - 00g. You will receive TWO tapers with double O-rings in each of the following sizes: 00g, 0g, 2g, 4g, 6g, 8g ... more info

Stretch your ears with our gauge kit. Stretching your ears can be expensive but with these stretching kits you get a great deal because you get the tapers for each size as well as good quality ear plugs for each ear. ... more info

Ear Gauges TITANIUM Starter Kit - 36 Piece 14g-00g Night Black TITANIUM Taper and Tunnel Kit! - 18pc titanium anodized Ear Taper Stretching Kit 14g-00g & 18pc titanium anodized Single O-ring and single flare Tunnel Kit 14g-00g Ear Expander Gauging Set ... more info

Lot of 12 high quality double jeweled cz belly navel bar ring. Assorted, 8 colors at least. Material: 316L Surgical Steel Bar length: 11 mm(7/16 inch) Bar diameter: 1.6 mm(14 Guage) Ball diameter: 5mm, 8mm Post/Bar Length Info: 1/4 inch (6mm)-Short Po ... more info

Lot of 10pc 14G Double Gem Belly Button Ring Body Jewelry Piercing Ring 10 Pack ... more info

You will receive 50 RANDOMLY selected UV Belly Rings from our huge selection Rings 316L Stainless Steel Gauge: 14G Size: 7/16 Top Ball Size: 5mm Bottom Ball Size: 8mm ... more info

10 piece set of CZ Stone Belly Rings, Purple,Red,Aqua,Aurora,Green,Clear,Black,Citrine,Pink,Blue ... more info

This is a eye-catching leaf dangle navel ring made with surgical stainless steel and rhinestone. Bar length: about 11mm(7/16 inch) Total length: about 55mm Weight: 3g 14 gauge, 316L Surgical Steel, externally threaded, curved barbell with one 5/16 in ... more info

It is less pain compared with the true piercing rings but the same effect Perfect accessories for punk and gothic dressing. Can be used as nose, lip, ear jewellery. Clip on. Ring diameter: 13mm (1/2 inch) 8 rings included Post/Bar Length Info: 1/4 inc ... more info

Bioflex Nose Retainer, with a small 1.5mm disc on the end , Totally transparent it will hide your piercing perfectly. ... more info

These Tongue Rings are randomly selected, and there are so many different combinations that you will find. Barbell Length: about 16mm Ball diameter: about 6mm Bar diameter: about 1.6mm(14 Guage) Post/Bar Length Info: 1/4 inch (6mm)-Short Post good for ... more info

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