Top 20 Best Selling Pickups & Pickup Covers Bass Guitar Parts (2021)

This Precision pickup is for musicians who want maximum output and extended frequency range. Large quarter-inch wide pole pieces expand the magnetic field and extend the frequency range from low to high end for a fat, full, punchy sound with midrange pres ... more info

They are always missing on older basses. Give it back its original look by replacing the cover. Chrome. ... more info

The SJB-3 has been developed for the studio or concert musician who needs a strong attack. This pickup has quarter-inch wide rod magnets designed to deliver a fuller sound with great sustain and response. Pickup cover included. Brief tone description: Hig ... more info

Fender pickup and switch crews are available in sets of 12. ... more info

The Seymour Duncan Woody HC Hum-Canceling Soundhole Pickup uses Stack technology to deliver full-bodied tone without noise or hum. If you have to play near neon signs or fluorescent lights, the Woody HC is the Seymour Duncan pickup to get for your acousti ... more info

The bass pickup that invented funk is still virtually unchanged today with the Original P Bass pickup. It is still virtually unchanged today with the Original P Bass pickup. It provides all the humbucking punch and boom you can handle. ... more info

100% Brand new, never used Item 100% like the picture shown A professional Piezo Contact Microphone pickup - 1/4' jack with 10 inch cable Contact microphones pick up sound by being in direct contact with the sound source They have the advantage of bein ... more info

Genuine Fender 4-hole chrome neckplate with a tilt adjustment hole. The neck plate features Fender Corona, California engraved. Includes 4 mounting screws.Fender part: 099-1445-100 ... more info

The DiMarzio DM2002 Fast Track Strat Pickup Covers fit all DiMarzio twin-blade models for Strat and come in a choice of great colors. They will also work for DiMarzio twin-blade Tele pickups. ... more info

100% brand new high quality and testing is fine Item 100% like the picture shown Flat mounting 9v battery case for active pickup guitar&bass. Easy access for replacement. Dimension: Surface: 81.4mm (Max Length) x 29mm (Max Width) x 31mm (Max Heig ... more info

Revive the look of your vintage-style or modern Fender amp with a genuine Fender amplifier logo. -Classic Fender amplifier logo includes mounting screws and is designed for the following amplifiers: Cyber Champ, Deluxe 900, Ultimate Chorus DSP, Cyber Delu ... more info

The Seymour Duncan STC-2P is a two-band set of on board Tone Circuits that add tremendous tonal versatility to your electric bass guitar. This system is designed to work with passive bass pickups. The STC Tone Circuit system enables the player to add to s ... more info

Genuine Fender aged white pearl backplate tremolo cavity cover for American Series and Standard Stratocaster.Fender part: 099-1328-000 ... more info

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