Top 20 Best Selling Pickle & Olive Forks Serving Forks (2020)

Perfect to grab hard to reach condiments from their jars. Easily graps pickles and olives ... more info

Handy and fun kitchen gadget! The Pickle Picker from Fox Run makes easy work out of grabbing pickles and olives from the jar. Never struggle with a knife/fork again and keep your fingers from the juice. Press the plunger and three metal tines come out ... more info

Fox Run Pickle Picker, Set of 2. Fox Run number 5430. Forget poking around with a fork or your pickles rolling off a spoon; this handy pickle picker grabs on quickly and securely. Simply depress the plunger to open the wire tines, and then release the ... more info

Get you pickles out of the jar, clean and easy, with out wetting your fingers or getting your hand stuck. Simply depress the end of the pickle pincher and a little grabber come out the other end allowing you to grab the last pickle. ... more info

Use this handy Pickle Picker Fork to easily get foods from deep jars. Jab fork into food item, and easily release by pressing on plunger. Use for pickles, olives, beets, peppers, etc. Keep on table during parties for guests to grab appetizers from plates. ... more info

The innovative 18/10 stainless steel long-reach pickle fork perfectly picks up pickles, onions, cherries, and a variety of marinated goodies. Its sharp end securely spears food and then gently releases as the ball on top is pressed. 8陆 length provides an ... more info

Ladles is made of one-piece stainless steel construction sanitary and very durable. Exact 3-27/64-inch bowl dimensions insure consistent capacities. Coated handle is equipped with Agion antimicrobial protection. Capacities clearly stamped on product in bo ... more info

KCBCICEPICK Features: -Pickle and ice cube grabber.-Bar Craft range.-With pull trigger spring action. ... more info

Wildwood by Reliance, Silverplate Pickle Fork, Long Handle, Active Pattern: No, Circa: 1908, Size: 8-1/4, Oneida Community A1, Used as a serving piece on condiment trays. ... more info

Set of four olive picks with stainless steel forks and novelty green olive ends / handles. Ideal for martinis, the forks can also be used for small cocktail pickles and cherries. ... more info

Striking Vanilla Fare Olive Tray with set of 4 forks presents olives in a stylish row.聽 Versatile shape can hold cherries or pickled olives at the bar.聽 Crisp white ceramic tray mixes well with a wide variety of table settings. ... more info

A must for any olive lovers. This olive wood barrel contains 6 olive picks (little forked spears with olive wood handles). ... more info

2-piece set. Olive fork and spoon arrive packaged on rolled corrugate card. Spoon with drain holes reads OLIVE THE GREEN ONES and fork reads OLIVE THE BLACK ONES. ... more info

Oneida - Oneida Amsterdam (Stainless) Olive Fork with Short Handle HC - Stainless, Ovations, Frosted Accent ... more info

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