Top 20 Best Selling Phalaenopsis Orchids (2021)

EXCLUSIVE Luxury in lavender. Add quiet elegance to any room with the boldness of our lavender Phalaenopsis orchid. Dubbed the moth orchid for its resemblance of the graceful flight of moths, this exotic beauty, featuring special lavender enhanced bloom c ... more info

Nestled in a charming pot, this silk orchid arrangement will energize even the dullest of areas. It comes with a perfectly proportioned spike of phalaenospsis orchid. It stands 19 Inch in height and is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Arriving in a set three, ... more info

Capture their love for the exotic with a passionate purple Phalaenopsis orchid. Also known as the moth orchid for its shapely leaves that resemble moths in flight, this beauty is hand-selected by our florists and arrives in a chic cube planter that's perf ... more info

Hard to say, but easy to love. That's the striking Phalaenopsis orchid. Its graceful beauty adds elegance to any setting, with vibrant green leaves that complement a long, delicate stem and wing-shaped blooms. Beautifully set by our select florists in a c ... more info

Make a bold style statement with the exotic beauty of our orchid garden. Artistically arranged in an artisanal bamboo basket, three lush white Phalaenopsis orchids are set off by rich green leaves and a bed of reindeer moss. Surprisingly simple care too: ... more info

Exotic and elegant, a striking white Phalaenopsis orchid conveys your deepest sympathies beautifully. Delivered to the funeral home in a classic glass cube planter, it's a thoughtful and lasting gift of comfort for friends and family. Single white Phalaen ... more info

An elegant white phaleanopsis orchid is potted in a decorative glass container, making it an enchanting gift for any occasion. This sophisticated and tasteful gift is one that is sure to delight! Container may vary, decorative bee not included. ... more info

Renaissance 2000 21.5-Inch Cream Yellow Orchid Plant. Beautifully designed and crafted with attention to detail that will help portray elegance and warmth for any season or everyday. Measures 21.5-Inch. Use as a decorative indoor accent piece for any room ... more info

Simple yet elegant, the Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant is perfect for any and all occasions. This orchid is not only long-lasting, but also impressive and beautiful. Sent overnight in a specially designed flower box to ensure quality delivery. ... more info

TWO 8 x 8 Tree Fern Slab (TFS) Tree Fern Slabs are ideal for growing epiphytic Orchids and Bromeliads that thrive by mounting. This is the root of the tree fern that is a porous fiber that never rots. This long lasting mounting material provides excellent ... more info

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