Top 20 Best Selling Patio Doors Exterior Doors (2021)

48 x 84, .180, Fiberglass Screen Cloth Kit, Includes 30' Of .180 Black Vinyl Spline & A Combination Screen Rolling Tool. ... more info

This fiberglass re-screening kit includes a 36 in. x 84 in. section of charcoal colored screen cloth. It also includes 30 ft. of black vinyl spline. The cloth and spline are inserted into the spline groove of your screen frame by applying gentle pressure. ... more info

This casement handle and keeper are constructed from diecast and come finished in bronze. It features 1-1/2 in. hole centers that are drilled countersunk for #10 flat head screws. This type of handle is common on metal and wood framed windows. ... more info

This casement operator features a 9 In. square steel arm with a 3/8 In. spindle. The arm is driven by an included crank handle an a worm gear mechanism. Easily mounts to the right side of your window when viewed from the inside. Used on Steel Framed Wind ... more info

Molded plastic grille fits most swinging door applications. Helps prevent screen or glass damage. Easy to install. Installation screws included in poly bagged package. ... more info

Protect your screens and have fun! Tired of running into your patio screen? This little screen saver is the perfect remedy. This cute metal screen saver has two sides that have magnets to hold it in place. This screen saver will protect your screen from y ... more info

Make to fit screen frames and storm windows. Simply cut to size and snap frames together. Kit includes: 4 lengths of 3/4'' W. x 5/16'' thick aluminum frame, retainer spline, and 4 each plastic square cut corners. Aluminum frame accepts both aluminum and f ... more info

3/4 Long, Aluminum Finish, Window Crank Handle, Diecast Handle For Crank Out Windows and RV Top Vents, With 5/16 Spline. ... more info

You will receive two metal sunflower shapes. One will go on the inside of your screen or glass and the other sticks with a magnet to the outside. Offers protection from someone not noticing the screen or window is shut. ... more info

This wardrobe door roller is constructed from nylon and comes affixed to a steel bracket. It features an adjustable, top hung, side mounting design. This roller fits bypass doors that are 3/4 to 1-3/8 in. thick. ... more info

Slide-Co 111437 Sliding Screen Door Roller 2 Pack 1” includes a one-inch nylon wheel with a center groove. Steel housing. High tension steel spring. Used on Columbia doors. ... more info

This replacement tip is constructed from black rubber. It is used to replace the worn out tip on your drop down door holder. Features a 1in. diameter and installs easily with a provided screw. ... more info

Make clean and precise cuts in metal clay with our 4pc Stainless Steel Pro Cutting Blade set. The 5-1/2 in. tissue blade is super sharp to make clean, thin slices in metal clay. A flexible 5-1/2 in. blade is great for making sharper curves. The 4-3/4 in. ... more info

Manufactured of white nylon. Use with any single or multiple doors. 1 pair per card. No. 161092: Material: Nylon, Color: White ... more info

7/16 aluminum screen kit in mill finish. This kit contains 7/16 x 3/4 x 48 mill screen frame, square cut corners and spline. Just cut to size, assemble with the straight cut corners and insert you screen fabric. ... more info

Extruded aluminum inside pull with wood grain feature strip. Clamp-latch with metal activator. Flush extruded aluminum outside pull. Used by many glass door manufacturers. Latch hook profile is 1/2 In.; projection is 1/2 In.. ... more info

7/16 aluminum screen kit in bronze finish. This kit contains 7/16 x 3/4 x 60 bronze screen frame, square cut corners and spline. Just cut to size, assemble with the straight cut corners and insert you screen fabric. ... more info

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