Top 20 Best Selling Parts Orchestral Strings Accessories (2021)

Learn how to play violin, learn how to play fiddle and learn proper finger placement on the fingerboard with Fretless Finger Guides. Our one-piece, clear, cling vinyl first position fingering chart goes right on your fingerboard. The Guide uses no glues o ... more info

While the original Blue Oasis provides sufficient humidity in many environments, it is not effective everywhere. The humidity demands of the desert, mountain states or frigid north exceed the humidification capacity of the device. For this reason, Oasis d ... more info

The huge success of the original Blue Oasis sound-hole humidifier has brought many inquiries about ways to provide humidification for other instruments including violins, violas, cellos, mandolins, ukuleles, jazz guitars and guitars with flat top cases.Af ... more info

Artino practice mute for VN / VA.Material: Metal covered with rubberFeatures: Retains the sound quality and protects the bridge. The only protective practice mute. ... more info

2 Brand New Full-Size 4/4 Inside Layer Cut Maple Violin Bridges (Unfitted), Need shape to Fit Your Strings and Violin. ... more info

Aubert Teller Germany U Insert Semi Fitted Violin Bridge. Quality Fine-grained maple with U shaped ebony insert. ... more info

This product is made exquisitely out of high-quality material, with advantages of light and handy, durable, comfortable in use Not damage the body of violin, and also easy to carry Its is suitable for violin in the range of 1/16 to 1/4 ... more info

Customers the world-over use the Pinkinest to help new violin students with their bow position. The Pinkinest is a durable, simple-to-use accessory which is helpful in teaching beginners how to obtain a better bow hold. It is very easy to attach to a stud ... more info

Clamp-On Bridge Violin Piezo Pickup (Pickup only, no pre-amp) ... more info

Aubert Teller Germany V Insert Semi Fitted Violin Bridge. Quality Select seasoned maple with V shaped insert for E string. ... more info

Original Strat Black Switch Tips from Fender come in packs of 2 and will keep your axe's hardware looking stock. ... more info

4 Fine Tuners for 4/4 Size Violin, Black Base and Gold Screw, Well Made, Nice Set. ... more info

The Wittner Ultra 7/8 - 4/4 Cello Tailpiece is made of space-age composite material. It features 4 string adjusters and includes a nylon tailgut. ... more info

Bech Magnetic Violin and Viola Mute is an advance on the standard Tourte type. The mute is attached to a magnetic holder on the tailpiece when not in use reducing the possibility of rattles. This is the original Bech Magnetic Violin and Viola Mute, not an ... more info

German-made student quality bridges for violin, viola, cello, bass. All sizes. Ebony insert(on E) available violin.. ... more info

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