Top 20 Best Selling Parts & Components Derailleurs & Shifters (2020)

Unyielding performance and powerful braking are the hallmarks of the Racer kit. Designed specifically for road bikes the Racer kit will provide consistent & smooth shifting and amazingly powerful braking. The Racer kit features Jagwire�s 4mm derailleur ... more info

Wide link design increases durability and precise shifting. 7/8 speed design. 13t guide pulley and 15t tension pulley for long wear. Max sprocket: 34t. Top-Normal (standard action) return spring. ... more info

Type 2 adds the Roller Bearing Clutch to a normal X.9 derailleur to deliver maximum drivetrain stability, even through rough terrain. This clutch eliminates bounce and chain slap without sacrificing precision. Clutch is self-lubricating, maintenance free, ... more info

The Shimano Tourney RD-TX55 6/7-speed rear derailleur features SIS shifting and is mega range compatible with an advanced light action design. ... more info

Shimano XT SL-M770 right Shifter. Item Specifications Cassette Spacing Shimano/SRAM 9 Shifter/Derailleur Compatibility Shimano End Type Shimano/Sram ... more info

Shimano alloy cable ends keep cables from fraying wildly. ... more info

While modern drivetrains have made respectable efforts to prevent dropped chains, it can -- and will -- still happen. And if it happens on a new carbon frame, you're going to have a bad time. For added insurance against a gouges and scratches, install the ... more info

Cable cutter for inner wires and outer casings. ... more info

Shimano Stainless steel cables are smoother then standard cables for less friction and help resist corrosion. ... more info

CABLE HOUSING SUNLT w/LINER 5mmx50ft BK ... more info

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