Top 20 Best Selling Paprika Single Herbs & Spices (2021)

The dried, ground pods of Capsicum annuum L., a sweet red pepper. ... more info

Simply Organic Paprika Ground Certified Organic, 2.96 Ounce Container ... more info

Sweet peppers are smoked and dried to produce a distinctive sweet and smoky taste. Sprinkle on chicken, fish, pork, potatoes and rice for distinctive color and flavor. ... more info

Pimenton Ahumado - Rich and complex with Smokey overtones, this paprika is the foundation for many Spanish dishes. Use this paprika to develop rich flavors on meat and seafood dishes. ... more info

Exquisite 100% sweet delicacy. The finest real sweet Hungarian paprika. ... more info

Hot and Sweet paprika from the La Vera region. 100% natural product without any preservatives or chemical additives. 0.16lb/75 gr. tin 100% recyclable & reusable. ... more info

Frontier Paprika Powder comes in 16 ounce bags. A sweet but sassy relative of the chili pepper, paprika is used to add warm, natural color and mildly spicy flavor to soups, stews, grains, and a variety of hors d'ouvres. ... more info

Paprika is a spice that comes from a mild red pepper and produces a brilliant red powder. Often used as a garnish, paprika tastes great on stuffed eggs, fish, and cheese and vegetable casseroles. The flavor of this spice ranges from sweet and mild to hot, ... more info

Szeged Hot and Sweet Paprika combination. Contains 1 Hungarian Sweet Paprika (5oz) and 1 Hungarian Hot Paprika (5oz). ... more info

Cream of Tartar is an essential ingredient for bakers. It is used to stabilize beaten egg whites when preparing angel food cake and meringues. ... more info

The fiery flavor of cayenne pepper perks up deviled eggs, dips, soups and sauces. Adds heat to chili, curries, jambalaya, gumbo, wings and salsa. ... more info

La Chinata Smoked Paprika - Hot. The La Vera region of Spain produces a particularly high quality smoked paprika. Before grinding, the peppers are not dried by the sun, but instead by the traditional method of oak smoking, resulting in an unmistakably ... more info

McCormick Gourmet Collection Fancy Paprika 8.5oz. ... more info

This blend of five spices, extensively used in Chinese cuisine, brings warm, spicy-sweet flavors to stir-fries and roasted meats, as well as spice cakes and cookies. ... more info

The distinctive piney flavor of sage leaves complements roast pork and poultry. Use it to add robust flavor to soups, stews, stuffing and meat loaf. ... more info

Spanish Smoked Sweet Paprika ia also known as Pimenton de la Vera, Dulce. It is a popular ingredient in many Mediterranean recipes. Anyone from Spain swears by this paprika, and its flavor is essential for authentic Spanish cooking. The peppers are dried, ... more info

The flavor of dill seed is warming, aromatic and slightly stronger than Dill Weed. Use to prepare pickles, seafood, noodles, breads and potatoes. ... more info

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