Top 20 Best Selling Paperless Recorders Recorders & Data Acquisition (2022)

This is a DIY ISD1820 voice recording and playback module kits, the simple chip high quality, single-message record/playback solution with user-selectable duration of 6-16s.(this module is 8.2s, you can replace the different resistor to change the duratio ... more info

Count Up / Count Down Timer with Memory - Magnetic, Clip or Stand Mount. Counts up or down for 100 hours in intervals of 1 second. In count down mode unique feature tells you how much time has elapsed after the alarm sounds. Memory allows repeat of just c ... more info

Since 1927, the Wright Tool Company has manufactured top quality hand tools. The use of Wright Alloy Steel, precision heat treating and advanced manufacturing techniques results in products of long life, durability and toughness. All Wright Tool products ... more info

Digital Hourglass offers the simplicity of an hourglass by starting the count down as soon as it is turned over. Unlike a sand hourglass, however, the duration of the count down is adjustable to any interval between 1 second and 100 minutes. As the timer ... more info

Long Range Digital Countdown Project Timer; Set a target day for completion of a project up to 8 years in the future and this unique timer counts down to your deadline in days, hours, minutes, seconds and 1/100 seconds on a 12 digit LCD. View either the t ... more info

Speed Calculating Stopwatch - Water Resistant. Enter the distance, record the time and this stopwatch displays the speed in mph or kph. 100 memories of split and lap times. This Sper Scientific Stopwatch will count up or down to 20 hours in 1/100 second r ... more info

Water Resistant Speed Calculating Stopwatch - Decimal Display. When decimal resolution is selected the timer can display results in increments of 1/1,000 of a minute or 1/100,000 of an hour as well as the usual 1/100 second mode. 500 memories of split and ... more info

General Purpose Digital Stowatch - Red. Large display and control buttons. Split interval function. N.I.S.T. traceable certificate of compliance available. Dimensions: 2戮 x 2陆 x 戮. ... more info

Research Stopwatch with Earpiece. This unique timer which allows the timing of a subject without disturbing it. For captive and field research, or in classrooms. Hands free operation allows for freedom of movement. The alarm is audible only through a head ... more info

Stopwatch and Countdown Timer - 100 Hour. The unique feature of this timer is that it also has a true stopwatch mode with 1/100 second resolution, lap and split with a range of 100 hours. In the Timer mode it counts down from 100 hours in 1 second interva ... more info

Specifications:Working Voltage:2.4-5.5.5V(suggest 5V)Recording Time:75s(6k rate), 60s(8K rate)Module Size:5.2X 5.5cm Instructions:1.REC:Press and hold the REC key while LED lights up, speak at the MIC module to record the voice.2.Play:press this button on ... more info

DATA-DIRECT software is an easy way to collect and report results in real time from the majority of the measuring instruments in the Brown & Sharpe TESA offering that have an RS232 output. DATA-DIRECT is supplied with serial input/output drivers specially ... more info

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