Top 20 Best Selling Palettes Palettes & Palette Cups (2021)

Suitable for all water-based media, this paint tray has six round wells and four rectangular wells. It has the contours of a traditional palette and features a thumbhole. The molded white plastic is durable and easy to clean. ... more info

Art Advantage wood palette value pack. Oil finished wood oval palette with thumbhole, includes three free bristle brushes and two plastic palette knives. ... more info

Classic artist's studio tool for oil, acrylic or watercolor paints; 12 x 8 oval, 5/8 depth Individual paint wells hold 11 separate colors 5 larger compartments for spreading and mixing colors; 2 cup for water or thinner jar Large thumb-hold ring with c ... more info

Circular white plastic mixing palette with ten deep wells circling one central reservoir. ... more info

This oval palette is made of fine quality varnished wood. Actual measurements are 11 3/4 x 15 3/4. ... more info

Simply art 4 count assorted artist palette's. ... more info

Unique sponge and permeable paper allows your paints to have a constant source of moisture. This fabulous stay-wet palette is designed to keep your water-base paints from drying our while in use or storage. NO MORE WASTED PAINT!. Acrylics and water-colors ... more info

The Jack Richeson Covered Palette is a large tray measuring 16 by 12-1/4 by 7/8 inches that features 22 wells for color along the perimeter as well as a large central mixing area. Equipped with a lid this palette can easily be transported into the field - ... more info

Yasutomo's Fold Out Watercolor Palette folds up again for easy travel or storage. Pure white. ... more info

En Plein Air Pro's 'Advanced Series' Oil and Acrylic Easel handles canvas panels or stretched canvas up to 16 x 12 or down to 6 x 8 (the most popular range for outdoor painting). This easel (12.25 x 15.75) and adjustable panel holder are made of tough ABS ... more info

Art Advantage clear acrylic palette. Sturdy and durable, this clear acrylic palette is ideal for all thick media mixing purposes. Nonstaining and scratch resistant. Great for studio, field or class work. Designed for true color evaluation. Comes in 1 ... more info

Art Advantage two sided palettes. Masonite palette with thumb hole has a white hard baked finish on both sides for true color mixing. Suitable for oils, acrylic and polymers. Comes in 9-inch by 12-inch or 12-inch by 16-inch. ... more info

The Museum Tote Clipboards are the perfect tool for those who find a need for a sturdy, smooth surface for sketching and the means to transport sketches or pads. The Museum Tote Clipboard incorporates a unique Z-locking clip which securely holds artwork o ... more info

Contains: 1- 6 Well Rectangle Palette 1- 10 Well Slant Tray 1- 10 Well Round Palette 1- Straight Blade Palette Knife 1- Trowel Palette Knife ... more info

A convenient double-sided palette, designed with one side for oil and acrylic paints and the other for watercolors. It comes with disposable palette sheets made of acrylic and oil film. ... more info

ARTWORKS CLEAR ACRYLIC PAINT MIXING PALETTE BIG 9 inch x 12 inch size! This clear acrylic palette is sturdy and durable. A clear acrylic palette is ideal for all thick media mixing purposes and features comfortable thumb hole design. Nonstaining and scrat ... more info

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