Top 20 Best Selling Paintballs (2021)

KEE ACTION SPORTS PAINT BALL : StingerTM brand paintballs are big on value when it comes to quality and performance, but not a bigger sized paintball. The standard bore .68 caliber StingerTM offers consistent quality, accuracy and durability. Shell color ... more info

This 3000 psi remote coil hose kit attaches easily to the tank adapter and fits all Tippmann paintball markers. Rated at 3000 psi. Universal so it fits all Tippmann markers. Attaches easily. Allows you to carry your tank on your back with addition of harn ... more info

Infinity paintballs have a thicker shell which makes it very durable and perfect for the entry level marker. Infinity paint was designed and priced to be straight-shooting and affordable; it's the best paintball you can get for the price! ... more info

Splat Marks the Spot! JT SplatMaster Ammo fills are specifically designed for quick and easy clean up with water, while being resistant to staining. The shells are made of gelatin - what does that mean? It means it is like a vitamin E pill and will essent ... more info

If you're looking for the most accurate paintball round available, you have come to the right place. Utilizing a combination of aerodynamic shape and fin stabilization technology, the fin stabilized First Strike paintball projectiles maintain their veloci ... more info

The A-5 continues to deliver on speed and toughness. With a built-in Cyclone Feed system there is no need to add the expense or hassle of an electronic loader. for added speed we offer the patented Response Trigger or the new selector switch e-grip. Battl ... more info

Rap4 remotes have Features that surpasses CGA Standards for Quality Assurance 3000 PSI Rated Coil With Improved Flexibility Allows for Safe and Convenient Disconnection of Marker from Coil Assembly May be used with CO2 Tanks or HPA Tanks. ... more info

Manufactured by RPS PMI Premium has set the standard for field level paintballs. PMI Premium exhibits qualities you would expect to find in many other tournament grade paintballs. PMI Premium paintballs are consistently very round, offer a wide variety ... more info

JT Toxin Paintballs are designed with the recreational player in mind. This all weather paintball has a green shell and vibrant yellow fill for maximum marking visibility. Standard.68 caliber bore size. 1000ct box of paintballs made using legendary RPS te ... more info

Paintballs .40 cal pack of 100 for Blowguns and Slingshots... These are hand packed from Nelson Paintball Co. Made in the USA and fresh ... more info

This Tippmann A5 folding butt stock is made of out 100% metal. It has the look feel and the weight of real firearms butt stock. ... more info

The Dye i4 Paintball Mask has a revolutionary patent pending rapid lens changing system that allows you to change lenses in under 10 seconds. It is the quickest and easiest lens changing system in the sport today. The unique design of two tabs allows you ... more info

* Paintball armors are available in Blue and Black color. This Chest/Back Protector is lightweight body armor which provides front and back protection with adjustable side straps. This Chest Protector is thick and able to handle point blank shots. This it ... more info

This is a good quality, inexpensive paint. Great if your team is looking for a practice paint. You'll see the mark on your opponent all the way across the field! Note: Color and bore size聽may vary. ... more info

Graffiti is a top-shelf paintball. It has great marking attributes, superior accuracy, and reliably breaks on-target. These superior characteristics have made Graffiti the world's most popular paintball. It is at home in both the woods or on the speedball ... more info

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